Apple Keeps Fighting the Bad Fight; Locks Pre Out of iTunes Again



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Here's the solution:

Palm is just screwing up their own customers, it's not that hard to make your own app instead of trojaning (sp) as another piece of hardware .. others are syncing with iTunes just fine.

RIM is doing that:




I cant understand for the life of me why anyone would fight so hard to get something that sucks so bad. Apples a joke and always will be. They will also always be supported by idiots who think they are much smarter than they really are.



It is a widely perceived staple of our society that there is, and always will be, a group of immature people in every circle.
In school, it's often the jocks;
In automotive, it's Ford;
In online gaming, it's WoW's Alliance players;
And in cell phones and computers, it's Apple.



The real fix is to "fix" Apple by not using their incredibly inferrior file format, stick to high bit rate MP3's or better still make the conversion to a "lossless" format (keep in mind there is no silver bullet, but there are innumerable better solutions than the evil that is VBR and/or AAC files!)


You can put whatever you darn well please on the phone, whether Apple likes it or not, by simply not going through Apple in the first place.


As to them "winning" the fight, well they've already lost it as far as "haxorz" are concerned... Apple's a Goliath, but there are thousands of Davids running about more than happy to throw rocks and some are going to hit no matter what measures Apple things they can put in the way.



um yeah, AAC is an industry standard, (from wiki: )

 AAC was developed with the cooperation and contributions of companies including Fraunhofer IIS, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Dolby, Sony Corporation and Nokia, and was officially declared an international standard by the Moving Pictures Experts Group in April 1997.




 Apple software is the property of Apple. Many people create hacks to bypass the blocks and hurdles Apple puts into place to secure their bottom line. It's a free capitolistic society which opens the door for anyone to jump on the band wagon and create their own, equally capable software store and sell their own apps. I have an Apple TV, an Apple Ipod, and frequently make purchases from the Apple store. I do not own an Apple computer. I just can't see spending all that cash. I think what most people are upset about here is that Apple products are very expensive. However since it is a free market, supply and demand will set prices and evidently there are a lot of rich people out there. I know that someone will develop something that will compete with Apple and maybe we will all switch, but will that someone make their software and products work with everything or just their own? That is the question. To Pre or not to Pre? If Apple feels it is more profitable to allow others to use their software and that in turn that will generate more dollars for them, they will do it. They made their software available to Windows PC users after all. We shall wait and see.



I mean, maybe not, but seriously, it's very hard to call blatantly anti-competitive practices "capitalism."

I'd LOVE capitalism to come in and basically force Apple to do the respectful thing for its customers, but just look at how long it took them to add a radio to the Ipod.  They mostly don't care about customers...Extremely few large companies do, not even Google...they just happen to have a business model that's mostly in line with our interests, which I hope never changes. 



This isn't effecting anyone except for Apples bottom line. Apple wants control and decision making for it's customers. Not the customers making decisions for Apple. We can't jailbreak our phone, we cant modify our software and we certainly can't share what we have with others. It comes down to the Jobs vs. Gate philosophy. Always has.



Here's the fix:

Don't buy from the iTunes store, buy physical copies that are superior, and sync with Windows Media Player.  Was that so hard? 



I see two solutions:

get rid of iTunes [be honest w/ yourself, it's joke software]

or you could find another software to replace iTunes.

i do understand those are the same solutions. They are also the best solutions. 



I think palm will continue to patch syncing for one reason, they promised their customers syncing and they are standing  by their word. The pre already offers various other forms of syncing outside of itunes, so this article is a little misleading in that aspect. In all, I think the cat and mouse game is a good thing. It makes palm look determined to provide their customers quality support, and at the same time makes apple look like the bad guy for blocking legitimate use of their product. But since when was apple concerned with that?



I say create it as a counter-play.  Have an error message stating that Apple will not allow customers to access their accounts.  Don't go into the whole legal mess, just point the finger and tell people to complain to the one company that can allow them access to iTunes again.

Make them the bad guy.  Apple loves to say how great its' software is--just have people understand that Apple's software is not allowing them to legally use a publicly accessible website.  Apple will cave only if they look so incredibly inept and stupid that it hurts their image.  So tarnish it. 



Apple is an idiot for not allowing the Pre.  Apple could make even more money if they allow the Pre to work with iTunes.  Apple has screwed themselves over once again.  Whos the idiot, Steve Jobs is and all the rest of them Apple fan boys.  This is even more stupid than when Microsoft came out with the Bing Jingle.



Maybe Palm should make some PreStore on their own ... With all the databases, hw, sw, and contracts with music companies in different countries for different countries, accounting system ... btw, the point is NOT that apple does not allow others to access the iTunes store. It is that the developers at Palm Pre obviously just think it is less work to make the palm pretend to be something else.

 And anyway, it sure feels good to be in public opinion the poor little company which TRIES to help its users but is always sabotaged. Hey, dear palm users, we REALLY WANT TO make it possible for you, but you know, these apple guys just do not let us. We will keep on trying ... meanwhile, please buy our palm products which work with iTunes. And if not, it is not our fault. You know whom to blame.

That was a really good example of brainwashing customers. Apple is NOT responsible for palm products. Palm is.



Bing goes the internet!



lol o.O



I don't think its as cut and dried as "its their software".  At least, thats what the courts have ruled on numerous occasions.  Otherwise, why can't Microsoft ship their browser with their OS?  Its their software. As laughable as it is, I think a case can be made that Apple has a monopoly in the digital music distribution market, so it is apples to apples in my eyes.  And to clarify, I find it laughable that such a piece of shit as iTunes can foster a monopoly in any area other than "suckiest software ever".



Although I believe that Apple should let iTunes sync with any media player we all know that's not going to happen so Palm should come up with their own syncing solution. They aren't helping themselves at all with this cat and mouse game. But honestly, how many people can this be affecting? Can there be more than 2 Pre owners out there? Lol.




"Semper Paratus"



There's obviously enough out there for Apple to care enough to go through the hassle of making the Pre not sync with iTunes each update...

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