Apple iPhone 4S Sales Topped Four Million Last Weekend



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Someone needs to take Steve Jobs and his coffin and shoot it off into space towards a "Black Hole. This way the evil will be confined and would never escape.



After they finally got away from AT&T only. And they probably had a contract between them for so many years before other carriers but if it's a great product, make it available to the masses.

I've never cared for any products that are "exclusive" only. We are consumers let us decide how the product connects or functions. I watched a video years back of a consumer activist that stated, when we as consumers buy a product we should have free will over it that includes being able to repair, modify or the the ability to make that product do as we please. How many times have we've been told to go buy a new product because of repair parts are not avaiable or too it's too costly.

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