Apple Grants ABC Reporters Full Access to Foxconn in China



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I suppose we can really expect objective reporting here, especially since the CEO of Disney ( ABC's parent company ) sits on the board for Apple, not to mention that the Steve Jobs Trust Fund is the largest shareholder of Disney. Yep, no conflict of interest to see here.



"Apple is pulling open the kimono".

Maybe Gordon Mah Ung could explain to you the difference between Chinese and Japanese with a karate/kung fu demonstration.



"Apple news rarely makes the headlines around here...."

Bullshit. You guys slobber over Apple almost as much as you slobber all over Google.

That aside, anything ABC news reports will have been carefully staged. No one is going to complain on camera, for fear of ending up in a government prison. It will be all rainbows and butterflies.

The beatings will continue until moral improves....



I don't know why Apple should grant the freedom of the press to have access to Foxconn. Apple thinks like a communist.



I think the reason the media is all in Apple's face about this is because by volume, they are Foxxconn's largest and most influential customer. If any company has the weight to throw around to make change in working conditions, it's Apple. Until now, Apple has decided to turn a blind eye to it just to turn a big profit on the backs of those people.

Obviously, a lot of companies do business with Foxxconn. But, if Asus for instance told Foxxconn the conditions had to change, why would Foxxconn listen? They still have a large contract with Apple and would have no problem exapnding assembly lines for Apple instead of Asus.



foxconn only has 1 x



You consider Apple's high product pricing to be "cheap" electronics? Of the various reasons shoppers might choose NOT to patronize Apple, price has to be at the top of the list.



Apple does NOT own FoxConn. Apple is a CUSTOMER of FoxConn, just like Asus, Acer, Dell, and just about every other PC seller.

I just don't get why people can't get that through their heads.



And therefore it was FoxConn that granted reporters full access to FoxConn in China, not Apple. Misleading title is misleading.



I think a lot of people do know that, but for some reason the media keeps associating FoxConn with Apple. Maybe they're FoxConn's biggest customer? Who knows.

Blame the media.



It's not particularly helpful to compare working conditions, pay and living standards between a county with a per capita GDP of $8,394, and another country with a per capita GDP of $48,147. What is most telling and most relevant, is that thousands of people voluntarily line up to apply for jobs at Foxconn, because they see the conditions and wages at Foxconn to be superior to their alternatives.



Come on Apple. We all know that you had the factory prepared for the tour well before it was actually done. This happens at every business in every country where any sort of VIP comes to visit. The impression to that VIP must be given that everything is perfect. I am sure that is just what we will see. And I may be a heartless bastard, but quite honestly I do not care what the labor conditions are in Chinese factories. I really don't. I care about what happens in this country and I am really tired of us being the world police only to be rewarded with a bunch of hate towards us. Much of it is justified because honestly we meddle where we shouldn't be.



It's not Apple's factory...



It would be nice to know how the workers are treated after paying such a high markup on the products compared to other comparable ones. Even if I don't end up exactly see what I'm expecting I'll probably continue to purchase a new maxxed out mbpro every year to use and sell 1 year later for a only a $300 loss.



"Apple news rarely makes the headlines around here..."

Really guys? I love you, but I guess we have a different definition of "rarely".

Not a huge Apple fan, but they are generally good devices for people who don't have any interest in advanced features. I also think they're really the only company that could actually do something bold about our current problem of having people working in sweatshops for us so we can have slightly cheaper stuff.



I said the same thing. Step out of your bubble, Justin.



Honestly it's probably no worse than anything else out there. The one person they interviewed was an 18 year old girl who complained about putting stickers on for 8-12 hours and it was boring and monotonous.

I don't fight for Apple, I don't even like Apples practices or their methods. My honest opinion is that the media has taken this out of hand. We want those jobs back in America, now this is happening.

Also, one last thing from me. Thank you MaximumPC for not having 7/10 articles per day of Apple rumors and "confirmed rumors that are rumors" or even the classic Steve Jobs was really Jesus Christ working for Apple trying to make the world a better place.

Thank you for having the words PC in your title and holding true to what that is. All the other sites with PC in their title seem to love to do nothing but love on Apples products and ways.



It's fair to say that labor conditions are one thing that I will not criticize Apple specifically for. However, my issue with is the "no worse than anything else out there."

Labor conditions in a lot of places are just unacceptable, and the fact that the U.S. makes it so easy to procure cheap foreign labor is a bit disgusting. I realize that simply living an average American lifestyle is contributing to the problem, but an 18 y/o with a monotonous 12 hour job is just not OK. We do have even bigger issues with war torn and developing nations, where starvation, poverty, famine, disease, and violence run rampant, but other fundamental issues of censorship, labor conditions, political rights, etc., should not be overlooked.



Why not?! I did it when I was 18. In fact when I was 18 I was working a 3 day rotation of shifts. Day one: 6am-9am(the next day), day two: 9am-6am(the next day) off, and day three: 6am-5pm to just start all over the following day. Granted I was paid better than her but she also didn't work in the desert where temperatures range from single digits to triple digits in 100lbs of gear. The biggest difference between her pay and mind was that $20 for her would go a long way. For me it wouldn't even pay for a tank of gas.

Additionally you obviously never had to work as a teenager. Not only did I work on a farm where we worked from sun-up to sun-down during season but for off season I had a job while going to school. All I can say is I would have loved her job over many of mine. "12-hour shift of putting stickers on a product in a clean-room that is temperature controlled."



Maybe Apple is the current focus of some media attention, but concerns about overseas labour conditions are not something that is new.

I agree with you on the current motivations, though. It's funny how people only started caring about our slaves overseas when they decided they wanted their jobs back for themselves.



Thank you too. I know I'm a PC enthusiast, linux lover and Mac lover. But the amount of hate from media on Apple is just ridiculous. FLA and audits had nothing different and they scored very high. and also your other point. as a PC enthusiast i come here for PC news and i love it. a few of these apple posts are welcome. i get them elsewhere. but yes. MAXIMUM PC woot!. love it when i read the news about stuff our demographics likes :D

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