Apple, Google Lowball Kodak in Patent Auction



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beware if apple wins, I hear kodak has the patent on the rectangle-shaped image capturing device.



I hope Google wins, or Apple will start sueing everybody for 'using an electronic device for taking pictures'



Too funny. But also sad, as that is very likely to happen.



I thought Google was supposed to be above the "cutthroat corporate capitalism" of every other company ;)

It never ceases to amaze me how Apple can continue to be the epitome of what its stereotypical customers hate and get away with it.

Hopefully the 2 companies will, as the article mentions, drive the bid up, so that Kodak can potentially survive. I don't want to see another American icon fall, but I also recognize that it is Kodak's fault that it is in this predicament. So I'm battling ambivalence, though there's one outcome I wish to avoid, one outcome that thankfully doesn't seem to be on the table: government bailout. We already have GM, and it and its subsidiaries are more than enough zombies for me. Any more and Wall Street will become L4D.

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