Apple Gains Control of Rogue iPhone Porn Sites



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This just goes to show the rotten half eaten fruit company has no more innovations for the future... soon that core will rot from the inside out and that will be their death knell....

karma's a bitXX... what goes around comes around!!!


Holly Golightly

I am not a fan of Apple anything!!! However, I am with Apple on this topic. It is uncool to take the names of popular things and turn it into porn. Most of the time, it is some naive person like a child or elderly person who may come across this site by accident. We need to take innocent people into consideration. They do not need to see this garbage. Plus, shouldn't that iPhone4s porno website have .xxx instead of .com? When is congress going to force porn companies to use .xxx, because it seems that .com is a way to trick innocent people into what they think is a legit site when bam, nudity everywhere and so follows the embarrassment. Forcing porn companies to use .xxx would make filtering of filthy websites so much more easier, and makes the internet a safer place to browse.


zaphodbeeblebrox 42




Has Microsoft ever done this?  It's a bit much if you ask me.  I'm sure Apple thinks this hurts their credi bility, but it doesn't,  For those 7 websites they got ahold of I'd put a couple bucks down that hundreds came up in their stead.  This just reminds me off Bethesda trying to get the rights over the word Scrolls.

I swear some of these companies are just dumb.  Then again Apple doesn't even want people making 3rd party computers that are compatible with OS X.  So it doesn't suprise me that they would want to further extend the Great Wall Of Apple. 



Let's also not forget the great job Microsoft has been doing getting a lot of those bot networks taken down.




You'll be most assured they have (the Cryptome fiasco comes to mind). Just as any responsible company would.

Hate to break it to you, but Apple does not care what you do on your iPad, iPhone, etc. The Safari browser in iOS is a complete browser, and there are plenty of pornsites you can go to on them. However that isn't what this is about! This isn't anything like the Bestesda situation either. These are nefarious sites that places a key word (like iPhone, iPad, XBox, etc) in the name to get your browser to find it, when you are looking for something entirely different.

Look at like this; Would you want somebody searching for AntonioGarrison find some site that you have nothing to do with, filled with drive-by malware and links to NAMBLA? 



Maybe they should just settle it on Quake 3

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