Apple Forces Pegatron to Drop Asus Ultrabook



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"Do you think Apple will continue to lean on Chinese device manufacturers?"

I thought Apples were MADE in China.

They need to build their Products to compete, without the political strong arm tactics.



Apple F*CKING SUCKS since Jobs has died; Suing companies left and right. Trying to STOP INNOVATION (something Jobs was clearly against). It's like as soon as the ol' man died, the hounds were let loose. And I'm sure Jobs would be DISGUSTED.~Drew



Hasn't Apple been doing this h0rse$h!t since long before Jobs kicked it? Apple has always been pseudo-tyrannical F*CKS.



I was thinking about buying an ipod touch or a similar sort of device running Android, and it looks like Crapple just lost a sale from me. There's competition out there, and you have to deal with it, ok guys?



I look forward to seeing the DOJ step in. Apple will surely lose in the Public's Opinion.



This is such crap. If everyone drops Apple then they're screwed. They keep doing this stuff and people might notice and flip the "gun." That's what's bad about blackmail.



Holy shit. I'm pretty sure that's anti-competitive. Don't work with the enemy or else.



Pegatron is a Chinese company. Does China have anti-competitive laws?



Yeah Apple is just begging for a regulatory smack down with this. Unless they can cite a legit reason like Pegatron producing the Asus product would affect their ability to produce the Apple product then they really don't have legs to stand on.



This cycle has repeated itself and will continue to repeat itself as long as Apple exists.

First, it was the Apple computer.. Microsoft copied the GUI (which Steve Wozniak, one of the founding fathers of Apple, plainly admits he wouldn't call that stealing) and Apple tries to take them down.. and fails. Apple creates the iPod and iPhone and tries to take down Android for copying them.. after all, in Steve Jobs' biography, he flat out said he would spend every cent that Apple had destroying Android.. well, he's dead, but even if his company tried to carry on his legacy, they would not succeed. Apple tried to sue Samsung for a Galaxy phone looking similar to the iPhone, but failed. Now, Apple created the Macbook Air, a pretty good looking piece of hardware, if I as not the biggest Apple fan may say so myself.. other manufacturers copy their tech, and instead of innovating and offering something new, Apple pouts and throws a tantrum.

That's basically Apple's business model.. create new technology, charge out the ass for it, and enjoy the ride. What surprises me though is that Apple still does not seem to understand that they can only do that for so long before competitors are able to produce something comparable or better and charge less for it. They always have a hissy fit when that happens.. if you want to charge top dollar for your tech, you need to keep innovating and coming out with new things. Otherwise, your tech is going to be copied and sold for cheaper.. that's how this economy works.



Here's a question/s.

When was the last time "Apple" actually "innovated" any technology used in any computer today?

Please don't include software in your answer. The only software I would actually consider fundamental enough to be included would be the operating system. And all of the current OS's have their own pro's and con's. When you get right down to it, none are any more secure than the other.

So, lets see, what would be Apple's "innovative" technology contributions actually in common use today?

Hard Drives
Video cards
Thunderbolt (oh excuse me that is actually Light Peak by Intel Apple just wanted their name on it so
they can make the dupes think they invented it)
Memory technologies, dram, sdram, vdram, etc

I could well be wrong, being a layman, so to speak, but I don't think Apple "innovated" any of the above.



you are 1000% correct about "thunderbolt." its gonna be all the rage and youre not hip if your laptop dont have it. im about to go leave more innovation in my toilet than apple ever has or will.



Apple's keeps getting more and more heavy handed.
I'm sure there's a lot of companies who are looking forward to the day Apple makes a costly misstep. It may take awhile but it will happen. Then Apple will see just how many people will be lined up to p@ss in their corn flakes when they're no longer top dog.
It'll be a interesting thing to witness.



Oh apple, you almost had me. We were slowly becoming a Win-apple family, but then I started reading up on the Chinese laborers you have slaving for you and now this. How could anyone in good conscience support you.

You guys are a bunch o A-holes.



Yeah Intel got slammed for doing something similar in blocking OEMs from using AMD, yet somehow I bet everyone will be just fine with Apple doing it and nothing will happen to them >.>



The Intel/ AMD thing was a bit different.
Intel was offering co-op advertising funds to OEMs but would pull them if they also used AMD CPUs. It was actually nothing more then a thinly disguised kick back scheme, which is illegal.

In this case even though it's a dirty tactic if Apple's manufacturing contract has a conflict of interest clause it's legal to invoke it. Then the manufacturer has to decided which contract is more important to them.



That is extortion and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.



Why wouldn't they use their influence to stifle their competition? That's kind of how business works.



Some companies prefer to beat the competition in the marketplace rather than using underhanded tactics like this. Apple is doing both, which is bad for consumers in the end. They're behaving like a monopoly. And while monopoly capitalism is all the rage these days, consumers shouldn't support companies that behave this way.



Thanks, good to see somebody actually gets it. This no different than a company that does business with Coca Cola. By contract they are not allowed to do business with any other competitor.

Oh and the poster that blames Apple for what FoxConn is doing...Seriously? Apple just gave them a contract, and has dealt with them quite harshly to bring up their standards. Also so you Foxconn makes a lot of those OEm motherboards for PCs as well.



Don't bother, man. Consider the click-whoring story titles and the crowd MPC panders to these days. If it was a similar Windows story most of their righteous indignation would be nowhere to be seen.

Many of these clowns believe in this fucking stupid Jedi battle between corporations. None of the companies give a rat's ass what they think and I am completely befuddled as to why anyone cares so deeply about big companies suing one another. It doesn't affect them at all, but they've nothing better to rage about.



This is just another example why I will never buy an Apple product. Their heavy-handedness and attitude, along with the smug attitude of their "people" who buy their crap, will keep me from ever having anything with the obnoxious little piece of fruit on it. Screw Apple, their products AND their attitude!



What a bunch of assholes.

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