Apple Files Suit Against Samsung Over Galaxy Phones and Tablets



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As per usual, Apple can't compete with clearly superior products... So rather than competing they are trying to "run to their mommy" and tattle on how the big meanies are not just falling by the wayside and letting Apple win...


Apple lost the PC war, they lost the Phone war, and they are going to lose the tablet war... and why???

Because while they may have a good idea, they allow that idea to stagnate and they charge far too much for it, so competitors improve the idea or have a better idea of their own, and simply beat Apple at their own game...



I wonder how many RAMBus lawyers are working for Apple now...



I have to say that this is a pretty petty thing for apple to do. someone finally brings a product to the market that might be able to compeat with them so insted of just saying ok samsung good product but check out our new thing....they go and sue the company and try to make them remove the product or pay out...that about the most childish thing i have ever heard....GROW UP APPLE!!



It seems to me that the iPhone and all other touch devices are borrowing from the form factor clearly established by HTC nearly a decade ago. HTC should sue Apple.



It's cases like these that make me wish I was the judge, the case would be 5 minutes long, 1 minute of verdict (Apple gives Samsung money for the bs suit) and 4 minutes of me rubbing apples face in the mud.


My damn monitor from HP has rounded corners and shaped terrorfyingly like an I-PAD.

So many visual thigns are shaped in this rectangular fashion now. WHY? Well its the HD of it all.

Monitors, phones, I-PAD(ouchebag)s

Hey Apple, go sue HP while your at it!

Windows now has a tablet out as well. Go sue microsoft over there shape and corners!

Hmm, whats that? You're in bed with microsoft? and you think samsung is a lesser company and an

easier win for you? Ok well good luck...!



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This lawsuit is complete garbage.

1) Same shape/rounded corners/layout..

        There are only so many shapes a phone can have, and historically it's been shown that vaguely rectangular is one of like..  5 shapes that actually works.  among the others are vaguely rectangular with some part that slides/twists/rotates out, or vaguely rectangular while closed but vaguey V shaped when opened.  I can't think of others, but they must have existed.

        Corners come in two types, round and not round.  statistically, 1:6-1:8 phones should have rounded corners and a vaguely rectangular shape.

        layout is basic.  look at your hand, look at your face.  the speaker component needs to be near your ear and the microphone near the mouth.  if you hold just about any oblong object up to your ear you'll notice that you naturally hold it so that the opposite ends when situated longways are near your mouth and ear.  therefore, it makes the most sense to put the earphone and mouth piece there.  furthermore, the ear piece, being higher on the body, and because when holding said device in your hand and moving it away from the ear is located near the top, it makes sense that that should be the top of the phone.  obvious, and not patent worthy.

        Button location is also obvious and intuitive.  If you've ever tried to reach for the power button on your TV remote, you'll notice that EVERY ONE places it near the top of the remote, farthest from where your hand is situated when holding the remote naturally.  the same obviousness applies here.  the buttons go NEAR the hands, so ALL cell phones put them on a lower portion of the phone.  in both samsung and apple case, the only obvious place is below the screen.

2) interface looks a little similar:

        you, any of you, try designing a usable interface to an existing system that doesn't vaguely resemble another working interface somewhat.

        the android interface uses a bar at the top and a page of icons.  end of story.  so does apples.  the only REAL changes that occur relate to how many rows/columns of icons are in use, or which icon skin is applied, all of which are USER CHANGABLE. 

        come to think of it, the Windows interface uses a bar at the bottom (I can move it to the top, oh noes apple!)  and a page full of icons..  so does linux..  so did my old phon--  wait, it used a bar across the top and a LIST of icons with descriptions..  my bad.  but it was so similar, they're all the same basic scheme that's been in use since the beginning since it's OBVIOUS AND INTUITIVE, which, as I recall, disqualifies it for patent eligibility... 

kinda like the phone shape, and button positioning from above.

the people who wrote our patent laws realized that if any idiot could walk into the patent office and patent hitting bits of metal with something heavy to afix two pieces of wood, there would never be any progress at all as our society would decay into a serries of patent lawsuits from patent trolls trying to benefit on what any idiot with a straight bit of metal and a heavy object could figure out.



I am way glad to see a well thought out response to this kind of thing.

And you are quite right throughout.



Rouned Corners? Next thing Apple will claim rights to is the WHEEL !!


Mighty BOB!

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Blantant copying by Samsung. It's about time an American company stands up to these Asian companies that just copy! There is NO innovation from Samsung.



haha, good one!  I thought you were serious for a second ;)



doesn't seem similar enough to me. The ui isn't pretty and rounded like apple's or as flashy. It also has 3 buttons on the bottom. Not quite similar enough apple, but good try.



"It also has 3 buttons on the bottom"

2 touch sensitive, and 1 physical, but ya.



Oh for fuck's sake. Someone should pass a law that places all patents involved in unsuccessful patent suits into the public domain. Seems like an apt punishment for using patents as a means of throwing around your weight to bully competition. Maybe that would end all this worthless patent trolling clogging up our legal system.



I like your idea, however, there are companies that might have a genuinely good idea, that is really stolen, and they lose the case. An injustice indeed! Then we would double their injustice by taking away a good patten.

There should be a process that allows for more public vetting of patents. And when anyone tries to enforce a patten, the defendant should have the right to counter-sue that the patent is bogus and have it removed.



As the owner of 2 Samsung Galaxy S Captivate phones (mine and the missus'), I can tell you that it wasn't the rounded corners and button layout that got my interest.  It was the functionality of a really good phone that didn't require that I install iTunes in order to use.

I might be more understanding of their position if they were more understanding of MY position that when I buy a device, I own it and Apple doesn't get to tell me how I can use it.  I cannot foresee a time when I will ever own an Apple product and it's not because of the alleged similarity of alternate products.

Screw Apple!


P.S. "Publish to Facebook" needs to be opt-in, not opt-out!  Screw Facebook!



"Apple takes issue with the physical shape of the Galaxy S phones with the rounded corners and button placement."


Oh you mean like every other f**ing phone out there nowadays?  NOW you choose to cry foul?

The Droid Incredible came out what... a year ago?  It's a ROUNDED SLAB PHONE!  Oh noes, Mr. Bill!  Look out Motorola, Samsung, and every other phone company out there.  The biggest patent troll of them all has hit the "make lawyers rich" button.



The funny thing is that touchwiz sucks AND it's blatantly copying iOS.



Anything that looks like a rounded rectangle - beware of Apple - they will sue you!


But seriously - I think the iPhone looks too much like that dang Gameboy advanced I had.  Nintedo should sue Apple, lol.



I seem to remember another company that realized its greatest success copying Apple products. Maybe they don't want that to happen again?



Greed. Apple already rapes their customers for every dollar to buy their crap, now they want more money by suing anyone whose product even remotely resembles their crap. Apple needs to go away. They are nothing but a greedy company, far worse than even mighty Microsoft!



This is just plain dumb. Apple just needs to get over the fact that other device manufacturers are starting to catch up (and in many ways have already surpassed Apple). This so called lawsuit would be like Toyota suing Honda because the Accord borrows too much from the Camry; you know, like having 4 doors and coming with options for a 4-cyl or V6 (lets not forget the round corners lol). Dumb, dumb, dumb!



You know, Apple was the first to ever think of the idea of rounded corners. Furthermore, nobody had ever thought of placing a button in the middle before. Any such concept is intellectual property of Apple.



Way to troll!



"Apple was the first to ever think of the idea of rounded corners"

Rounded corners were out on Nintendo devices before Apple started adapting them (and i'm sure there were companies before Nintendo)

" Furthermore, nobody had ever thought of placing a button in the middle before"

I'm pretty sure other companies have, but Apple was first to take a risk with it.

"Any such concept is intellectual property of Apple."

That's the thing that grinds my gears. A "concept" is not the same thing as a "patent" A patent is an exclusive right to something for a limited period of time. I'm pretty sure all of the things you've listed are not "exclusive" enough to warrent a patent. 


But who knows, they patent GM seeds.

Lets just agree that the patent system is way too messed up right now to do any real justice.



I once took a dump, but Apple hasn't sued me yet for its similarity to the iPhone 4... you know, the rounded corners, similar antenna functionality.

I think it's only a matter of time. I need to prepare my legal team.



I don't know about you but too much Apple gives me diarrhea.


Mighty BOB!

Yes I hear they're nature's laxative.

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