Apple Cuts iPhone Production by 40 Percent



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I'm really surprised they didn't mentioned the fact that the next iPhone is going to be released soon - as to the reason for the decline in current iPhone model manufacturing. Maybe theyr're cutting production so that they can re-tool parts of the closed factory to start manufacturing the new iPhone?


Keith E. Whisman

They need to compete with the G1 Android phone and offer their handsets to other carriers. Also the Iphone needs more storage or make it so that you can add to it with Micro SDHC upto 32Gigs of Storage on top of the 8gigs that comes with the Iphone. 


Keith E. Whisman

Hey I downloaded an App from The Android Market that turns my G1 into a bubble level and it's free. 



Well, the G1 is still locked with T-mobile, still waiting for the open G1, not that I would care about getting google services in my phone ... I already have them ...


Apple Hong Kong is selling the iPhone unlocked by the way .. 

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