Apple to Announce 99-Cent TV Rentals



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Yawn... why would I want to "rent" a TV I can watch for free? If you have a problem with missing TV shows get a DVR or dust off your VCR.



that sounds pretty interesting.



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"With options like Netflix working hard to expand selection for a flat rate, do you think a rental system like this will succeed?"


Yes, im afraid so.




It will probably success solely based on the fact that the episodes will be available the day after they air. Hulu is a week after, netflix is, well, a lot longer than that.

I'd rather see hulu work out a flat rate subscription plan and get the same 'day after air' availability. Then again, not sure if I would want to pay for a netflix account AND a hulu account.

But I'm sure a good majority of the people are the type who have to watch TV and if they miss one of the 5 shows they HAVE to watch, then they'll jump on it.




I'll rent them for 25 cents.

Other than that, as far as I'm concerned, if it isn't on NetFlix, it doesn't exist.

(I'm pointing at you, HBO)


Keith E. Whisman

uh, yawn, Hey Ryan reporting on Apple news is Paul Lilly's job. I'll let you get away with it this time but next time I'm totally going to snitch on you.

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