Apple Admits Macs Aren't Impenetrable After All



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The bigger Apple gets, the more viruses will be written for them. PC still holds a large percent, therefore a larger amount of hackers. Much like IE to Mozilla. If Apple becomes larger than PC then expect many more hackers to go at Macs.



I hate Apple as much as the next guy, but honestly, its just one virus, millions are probably made daily.

Although I do have to say now I have backup the next time someone brings up Mac's being invincible.



If you call microsoft because you have a virus or malware do they offer support? I think not! What about DELL? HP? No? Hmmmm, its not the companies responsablility to keep your computer virus and malware free, its yours, dont go blaming Apple or DELL or any other computer manufactuerer about a virus on your computer or malware. You as the consumer should have the knowledge to keep yourself protected, stay off sites that dont look right, dont click on popups, allow installation of software that you dont know or never heard of. Just because it looks legit doesnt mean it is, do research, find an antivirus program or antimalware/spyware program, use your firewall. Thats my 3cents on the situation, I have been in the I.T. Field for over 10 years and use both Windows and Apple products so this is not a fanboy or biast respones.




Your The man, not everyone is so tech savy. the problem is that many people have the misconseption that their Apple products don't even need to run anti virus software. I have a teacher who even believes this. I realy do not know why this is because you can never be to safe when it come to using computers over the internet no matter what type of system you are using.



"If you call Microsoft because you have a virus or malware do they offer support?"

Yes. Go call them. If your software is still under warranty they'll give you direct support, otherwise they'll direct you to their monthly "Malicious Software Removal Tool" and their free antivirus program "Microsoft Security Essentials". Not to mentions the thousands of support documents Microsoft hosts online for free.

Microsoft takes a proactive approach to malicious software by not giving a false sense of security to their customers through safeguards like "Security Center", encouraging them to be smart with their PC's, and giving them access to free protection software and monthly updates. Whereas Apple has told their customers for years that Mac's are immune to malicious software so you can be as irresponsible as you want with your Mac and not suffer any consequences. Then Apple just sit's back and waits to put out the fire once their lies are tested. Ignorant Mac users are going to severely suffer for it in the near future though. It's going to be funny lol.



I'm not sure about the other OEM's but I work for Dell, outsourced. I'm more than happy to clean malware ridden systems for free.

provided that the computer can still get online, even in safe mode, can still download & run our remote access software, then we're good to go,

just sit back & watch me disinfect the system. heck, i'll even clean unnecessary entries in the registry so there. :)

but i do agree to your point that users should be responsible enough not to go to seedy sites, unless you know how to deal with the consequences, or be trigger happy & just click on any popups.



New Mac malware released... no administrator’s password is required to install this program.

Source: ZD|Net - Mac malware authors release a new, more dangerous version




Nice article, but I do not see what viruses have to do with resistance to jackhammers.


Jokes aside, it disturbs me how reluctant some tech companies *Sony* have been to help out their customer base as of late.




I think it may be time for Steve Balmer to call Steve Jobs and welcome him to the big boys club. Well.. on second thought, maybe we should wait to see how quickly they come up with a fix.




Apple's solution to fixing malware issue.

Take Mac computer. Place it promptly into trash or local electronics recylcling facility. Drive to nearest Apple Store and buy the newer model.






To be fair though, the amount of people with under-performing MacBooks or whatever is alarming. I'm not sure why they're buying the product.

Is it because the phones and iPod's are so successful? Is that the brand recognition? Wasn't Apple just valued in at 300 billion this month? I know it isn't from their computers, and certainly not from their desktop lines, but geez, Louise.

It seems every girl I was in the dorm room of this year had a little, puny (had to check the site to make sure I still knew what they were called) MacBook.


This has been an incoherant rant brought to you by...



An inpenetrable computer?


This changes everything!



I have an inpenetrable computer.  I keep it turned off and burried in my back yard encased in cement.  no remote threat can penetrate it.  ever.  proof of concept ftw :D



emp would still fry it, you need a layer of lead too.



Children of parents who restrict their activities and don't let them venture out into the world are less at risk than children who play outside and are exposed to other children.

Welcome to the playground, Apple.  Maybe if you stop acting like a spoiled little prick, we'll help you figure out the ground rules.



Mastro Antonio

Ah yes finally they feel the lash of the people and maybe people will make more sound decisions when choosing a computer. There was a lot of comments in the last article on the subject including one about communism somehow trumping capitalism. God some people make me laugh.  


Zachary K.

Don't get hurt falling off your high horse, Apple.

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