Apple Adds Web-based Audio Clips to iTunes Preview



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Ah, iTunes. The program that brought us free tv shows for 99 cents.

Apple is just too innovative for it's own good.



First it was "Cut and Paste" and now it's "30-second audio preview." What will those innovative innovators of innovation think of next? I hope they add a "Buy" button. Maybe that's what January's upcoming press conference is for? </sarcasm>

Sarcastic tone aside, did anyone else read the Macworld article? What kind of candy-coated world do they live in? I didn't know deficiencies in functionality could sound so good.



Wow, that's pretty crappy catchup work there, Apple. You can go to the site and browse the whole catalog and listen to 30-second clips of anything at all (or listen/watch/download entire podcasts or video podcasts) without logging in or installing the Zune app.

AND they're already doing previews of TV shows and movies (though you do have to sign in to preview an explicit movie).



Great. Another shitty facet to Apple's iTunes that will probably end up sucking up even more system resources. 

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I have A LOT of music and an older pc. it's great fun searching for music to load onto my ipod when itunes feels the need to research on every letter pressed and worse if "genuis" is running... woof.



With the limitless artists you could draw from you chose Uncle Kracker.  How about some love for Pink Floyd or AC/DC or something.  Holy Cow!



 Did that guy die or Not that I care.


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