Appeals Court Maintains Email Protected by Fourth Amendment



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Before WW2, England had pretty much most of the overseas cable traffic go through the island. They would copy all of the German and Russian messages and then send them on their way.

Today, all the internet goes through about 4-5 major backbones and 3-4 overseas fiber optic landing sites. I am sure the NSA has taps into them all and copies them into a large database. They might have to have a warrent to USE the stuff but to store it?



I think your tinfoil hat is on a little too tight! But don't think those thoughs too loudly, there's a satellite that can read your mind!





There is a pretty good PBS/Frontline report on the issue and you can go read/watch that, but here is a Wiki link for you:


I Jedi

You have to understand that the government of today is very much so different from the government of yesterday. That is to say that our founders had a specific set of rules in the Constitution, which must be upheld at all cost for the Republic's sake. Now, the Constitution is more of a guide line, and a piece of paper to be trampled over at the will of the government.


I Jedi

I'm rather surprised that searching emails warrantlessly isn't a part of the Patriot Act. In either case, this truly is a victory for the Constitution, and the people of this Republic. All I wonder is rather the U.S. government will have the sense to not disobey the will of the people under the claim of "national security."



Anyone know of any good Swiss webmail providers, just in case some idiot legislator or judge decides otherwise?


Derek Fredette

It's common that email should have the same protection under the Fourth Amendment as phone calls and postal mail.  Any form of communication that is private is protected.  It's good the Sixth ruled as it did.  This type of ruling should have been made sooner, though.

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