App Developers Call Out Zynga for Being a Copycat



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Zynga's business model is a copy of the business model pioneered by the second largest social networking site on the planet. You guys have probably never heard of it. Its called QQ and is run by a Chinese company called Tencent holdings. They make money by selling virtual items for their online games.



jewed ?



I remember reading a newspaper expose (S.F. Bay Guardian) about this a year ago. This is Zynga's preferred method of operation (the article said). According to the article, they copy software "on the way up," then saturate advertising & social media to drive the original software out of business, or to a vulnerable financial state so they can be acquired. I would never do business with them, were I in a position to do so.



It was the SF Weekly - the link to the article you're referring to is in my comment below.



Having played Tiny Tower for a long time now, it's pretty clear this is a blatant rip off. Pretty low. Imitation is really common in games (and that's healthy), but it seems Zynga just isn't interested in innovation at all... just ripping off others. There isn't even enough that's new to make it an alternative to the original game... it's just a rip off. I would expect it from a tiny company trying to make a quick buck, but not one the size of Zynga.

The comparisons to other tower games are not valid. I've played them all. While Tiny Tower is similar to those, this game by Zynga takes imitation well beyond imitation. It is a clear cut case of someone trying to make as close a copy as possible without breaking any laws.

I think what some can copyright and claim as intellectual property is out of control... so I don't think they deserve to be sued or anything, but I'll be happy when everyone is made more aware of how this developer operates.



If anyone has played "Words With Friends" by Zynga, it's pretty obvious that they have no shame in copying IP. If you haven't played it, it's a ripoff of Scrabble, with the bonus tiles shuffled in an attempt to avoid lawsuits (that's my take on it, anyway).



According to what I have seen, Zynga's entire business model is built on stealing other people's IP. Since I read the article below in the SF Guardian, I have refused to even look at their advertizements. Mark Pincus is a total asshole, and I laughed when their IPO flopped - karma is awesome.



Corporation Inc. reminded me of Sim Tower



what I was thinking.... Sim tower.... whew!



If Zynga stole/copied someone elses work then they need to be called out on it and shamed publicly. And when the brothers are done shaming Zynga they should then get the lawyers involved. It doesn't matter to me if "other people do it too".



If you look there are lots of games that are copied. Maybe they don't go to the extent that these guys supposedly did, but there are obvious copies out there. There's at least one or two copies of Angry Birds that I've seen on the app store. It's even named something similar.

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