AOC Trumpets 27-inch LED Monitor with 2ms Response Time



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I can't wait until monitor manufacturers up the resolutions of the "cheap" monitors. 1920*1080 is rather weak. Why not go for 4x 1080, say, and simply upscale if the connected device can't deliver? We're doing that now with the current generation of consoles, after all :(

My 23" Acer is pretty nice IMO (though it lacks HDMI audio pass-through) but I could stand to go bigger. 28" monitors now regularly sell for what my 23" cost almost 3 years ago, but they have the same 1080 resolution. More inches + same viewing distance + same resolution = lower image quality.

I've become such an "HD snob" that even watching 1280*720 on a 1920*1080 screen pains me. The difference is immediate, and it has made console games nigh unplayable for me. Mass Effect 3 and Soul Calibur 5 are tedious for me with their sub-par graphics (and gameplay for ME3). 360 games might claim to be 1080 on the box, but for some reason 1080 looks a lot more kick-ass on the PC ;)


Jer Stryker

5.1 Ultras!

I still have those speakers, and they are still the best PC speakers ever made.

Monitor thingy looks nice.

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