AOC Rolls Out Ultra-Thin 27-inch e2752Vh Monitor at $50 Discount for Limited Time



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Who the hail is AOC. Stick with name brands, not wannabes who delve into others technology trying to make a buck. Dell, Samsung, Asus, ViewSonic and maybe LG... everything else is junk.

And hey, attention ALL you moronic monitor manufacturers... if my single video card can span 6 monitors and easily handle 5760x2160, why the mucking hell cant you morons make a single monitor that is at least 3840x2160.

For the love of gawd, do you know how friggin painful it is to program in Visual Studio or XCode on your stupidly rediculously tiny monitors. Get your technology up to speed you worthless morons.



I'm thinking that MaximumPC should run another article on "high-res" gaming, and/or a review of this "legendary" Korean monitor that everyone but me had heard of prior to this article.

I'm thinking of getting one of these monitors, but the videocard to drive it would cost more than the monitor. If 2 6970s in Crossfire struggled at a slightly higher res in MPC's last high-res gaming article, then there is no way that my single OC'd XFX 6850 can drive that display for any 3d app made even semi-recently.,1



I am VERY happy with Both my Catleap 2703 and they cost the same as these with 2560X1440 resolution



More 1080p garbage? When will display manufacturers start putting out some screens that have more pixels. There are tablets with better resolution.



If you don't know about the Yamakasi Catleap Q270 LED 2560x1440 27" monitor then you should check them out. They use the same LG displays that high priced monitors use, but just have weaker stand and no OSD. Check Ebay sellers for them and you can get a great deal at $350 delivered. I love mine!!!!!



How have I not heard of this monitor before?!

The Engrish name is so hilarious that I can't believe that it hasn't become ubiquitous.

How does 1920*1080 video look at 2560*1440?



Hmm yeah there are plenty listed under $300 now.

Absolutely though, there is no reason at all to settle for this piece of junk when the Korean monitors are available. Strike that, there's no reason to settle for this piece of junk, period.



Not a bad entry price for a monitor with these specs. Can someone throw some suggestions out for LARGE monitors? I really would like a 30-32 inch monitor.



It pains me to say this, because their customer service sucks, but I'd actually look at Dell. I've been very happy with a U2711 for graphics work. I don't have enough GPU to game on it yet, but that's not the fault of the monitor. If you want a large screen with good pixel density, close to 100% of Adobe RGB, great color uniformity and accuracy, and a fair price I'd see what Dell is offering. Simultaneous to the Dell I purchased an NEC 27" for comparison, since they are supposed to be renowned for graphics. I didn't think the difference was worth it at all. NEC had several dead pixels (Dell promises zero dead pixels whereas NEC makes you pay 5k for a medical display if you want no dead pixels). With calibration, the Dell is very close to NEC graphics quality for half the price. If you purchase them with discounts, the cost can be extremely low. They aren't the cheapest, but you'll get a good IPS monitor with excellent color for the money.



I purchased an Apple 30" Cinema Display back in 2006 and it still works beautifully. I think with so many people going multiple displays for cheaper/more screen real estate, it is very difficult to find a decent monitor at this size. I've had multiple people offer me the price I paid for this monitor 6 years ago. There are just not many options. If I was making a decision today, I would probably go with 2 or 3 27" screens and they would still be = or cheaper than what I paid for the Apple.



Apple was the first company to mass produce large displays for graphics usage, I'll give them that. But all of the post houses and design boutiques I know of, whether on OSX or WIndows, replaced aging Apple cinema displays with Dells, HPs, or NECs due to Apple's deficient Adobe RGB coverage and really bad screen burn-in, not to mention the Apple tax. The newer 27" displays cover more of the Adobe spectrum, but don't fair much better than the old ones due to the limitations and annoyances of calbrating/working on a glossy display, and a yellow tint caused by the backlight material.



I remember talking to an Apple Store employee about a year ago. I said something like "Apple makes about the best displays, don't they?" He didn't deny that they were good but suggested that Dell had a better one in his opinion.



I'm fairly sure the Apple stores are all bugged. That’s a refreshingly honest Apple employee though, if he’s still alive.



With specs like these why would I put $250 toward anything other than one of those Korean monitors on ebay everyone is eating up?


Peanut Fox

Because the Korean ones have a much higher resolution.

Not to say I'd gamble money on that ebay purchase, but there's no way I'd buy one of these AOCs, while the Korean one would at least stand a chance.



Ebay's become much less of a gamble lately since they started enacting forced rebates if they find you were legitimately ripped off. Happened to me, I said something, got a refund an hour later.

But yes, the Korean ones are cheaper, have a higher res, and are overall a better choice as of late. If other companies would push more for the IPS panels with 2560x1440 resolutions I think we'd be seeing better, cheaper models more often. Now as such we're stuck with NEC and EIZO for the incredibly expensive ones graphics designers use or Dell, HP, and Samsung for the poor man's still expensive alternative.



1080p again? Blah
Come on people. 27" screens need more than 1080p.



I am 'weary' of the lack of editorial prowess of Maximum PC sometimes. I do, however, often agree with the writers and am 'wary' of manufacturer's specs.



Lighten up. It's a print mag that posts, for free, articles on the internet.



Yeah, lay off of MaximumPC. They're doing a great job.

Not only do we get great, free, online editorial content, the whole magazine's back catalog is officially available, for free, in PDF format.

I've been reading them back since the print version was called "Boot." I've seen editors come and go. I've seen the spam filter flounder and FB integration finally work. Nowadays, one of the things for which I am most thankful is

This place and it's print magazine are two things I truly love.

I don't know any other place that ties together a rich history of quality writing, quality layout and design, equipment comparison, How-to Guides, and actual journalist-reader interaction via the MaximumPC Forums and these comment sections.

Now that I've spoken my peace about MaximumPC love,....
The 27"monitors we should consider are these two:
Yamakasi Catleap 27" LED 2560x1440 WQHD S-IPS for around $300
Dell U2711 27 Class 2560 x 1440, for about $400

Searching NewEgg for other 27" @ 2560x1440, they start at $780, including the DELL U2711 for $850.

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