Anyone Want to Take a Class in Cell Phone Photography?



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Maybe it's a basic photography course with the cell phone bit just a way to drum up interest. A cell phone camera is a crappy camera, but it's still a camera. You can still learn about composition and other basic things.

Clicking the link, you can see there's an "ethics" section of the course. There are a whole set of ethics when it comes to cellphone cameras.



How could you take the "best picture possible" with a cell phone? Any photog professor insisting that a cell phone camera is viable for photography-grade pics must have gotten his degree from a degree mill. By the time you would have paid for the class, you could have purchased a professional Canon or Nikon camera (and probably a photography book, too).

btw, Imacculata University sounds shady--probably isn't accredited. It worries me when I hear all these weird university names I've never heard of before all of the sudden. Then again, it could be old, prestiguous and well respected.



id take that class lol

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