Is Anyone Buying China's Trojan Horse Sob Story?



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How exactly CNCERT arrived at those figures? Probably the same way McAfee arrived at it's report which it took (conveniently) from it's server logs.



Unfortunately for CNCERT, they aren't a 3rd party like McAfee, so their word is no better than if the US's DoD had published figures implicating China (this is also made worse by China's reputation of fabricating cover stories). Once CNCERT get's a third party to verify their findings, people will give them some credibility. However, this is doubtful to ever happen (not just because there is a chance that it's all a lie, but because China would never let a 3rd party in to verify even if the reports were true).



Nope, not feeling it.

Maybe if they lost a petabyte of data. Maybe. But most likely not.


It kinda feels like they are saying:

"He may have lost an arm and a leg, but I broke a nail!"



I wonder if these figures include the millions of trojans they installed on their own citizen's computers?

Oh sorry, did I ask that out loud?

yeah, sorry, anything coming out of China's state run media I take with about a metric tonne of salt.



Nice.  I came here to write just that.  They know how many trojans are infected because they're the ones who are controlling the 10-million strong botnet.


std error

Not really surprising. It is foolish to think that the pentagon doesn't have any "offensive" cyber capabilities. It is just that Chinese or Iranian authorities which control their media outlets don't publish breaches like Western media outlets do.

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