Antec's LanBoy Air is One "Cool" Looking Chassis



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After setting here thinking about this for a few days, there is one feature I like about it. The aility to side-mount the optical drives so that you could stant the case flat against a wall and still access them. I've been stuck in that situation more than once of needing for one reason or another to turn the case to one side and this would make it so much nicer to do so, or even stand the case behind your flat panels, and still access your drive(s) without a problem.


Talcum X

I can see this covered in white cat fur....or Fluffy sharpening his claws on it.

Looks like a high tech 4 seasons room, just smaller.


fs patel

I agree.


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Sure, it looks spiffy, though I'd prefer a paint application other than catepillar yellow... but as others have said 1.) $200+ for a lot of mesh and bar stock 2.) sucks in everything that gets in its vicinity...

The real concern for me though... a box like the HAF series actually improves on ambient room airflow... this seems like it would be no more effective than a bench setup or a milk crate build when it comes to air cooling, even if you spend a week or two dialing in the fan locations since, you know, unlike boxes like HAF which have a few solid faces to direct air movement, this is just ALL mesh.

So they're saying I should pay $200+ for a milk crate?



Looks nice as hell but 2 problems come to mind

1. the price is too high for the material you get.

2. I have enough issues with dust collection on my HAF 932. I can see this type of design being a dust magnet and a hell of a time to clean.



According to a article from LegitReviews, it wrote that the Antec manual states the Lanboy Air has 34,800 ways on configuring. I wonder where this "34,800" ways comes from?

If I have a Mini-itx board and would like to configure this into a mini-box, well can I do that?



The 34,800 configurations is just a permiutation based on ever possible positioning of mesh panel, drive location, fan size, and fan location that the computer came up with after someone inputted this model in CGI.

While I'm sure there are still several hundred "realistic" configurations you could set up, it's just  a big number to put on the side of the cardboard container.

but why the *bleep* would you want a box this big to set up an itx?, even though I'm sure it could support the screw hole locations.



$220 for a bit of erector-set steel, a touch of plastic, and a bunch of mesh seems a bit pricey.  I would look to pay about $110 for something like this, not twice that.



But I am scared if I had this, my cat would wreck it.



Wow! That's awesome! I want one.

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