Antec P280 Performance One Series Computer Case is Silent but Friendly



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Nice, but where's the P280 Mini?  The P180 Mini has seriously been my favorite case of all time, and it's like they discontinued it forever ago. Anybody that has it in stock jacked up the price by about $50 because of the lower stock.



Interesting.  I want to see benchmarks on these.  I'm prepping to build a new machine and I was considering the Obsidian 650D.  However, I have owned an Antec P180 for 3.5 years now and I love it.  How does the P280 compare with the 650D?  Is it more silent?  It appears to be lighter than the P180 (which is great).  And how easy is it to take off the front-intake filters? It was a bit of a pain to take out the filters as often as I did because of its design, not to mention that the P180's flimsy door hinges broke on mine due to how often I would wash the filters.



If you're in the beginning stages of looking for a case, you should put some serious thought into the Silverstone Raven RV02. Best cooling out there, pretty quiet. Little bit of a beast, but unless you're LANning every week it's not a big deal:



Thanks.  I've been looking for a case for 2 months now, holding off only because I'm getting things together financially.  I considered Silverstone's cases, but their aesthetics aren't really to my fancy.  And because I want my case to last, it needs to at least look appealing to me.  Are there dust filters for those bottom intake fans?

I had originally resigned myself to getting the Corsair 650D after going to Micro Center and taking a closer look, but now I see an Antec P280 coming out that's expected to be cheaper than the Corsair 650D (which is either $200 or out of stock at most retailers).  I've put a lot of thought in choosing the right case because I do want it to last as long as my P180.  The dust filters and hum it makes really helped prolong its lifespan.

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