Antec Enters the Mobile Computing Market with Customized Laptop Parts



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Having done both, I just want to point out that (at least in my opinion) the physical process of putting together the laptop is WAY easier than a desktop.  All you do is unscrew some plastic covers and slide in for the RAM and hard drive.  Optical drive is just about as easy, only requiring a quick bezel switch and then shove it in.  If it's not already built-in (some whitebooks still choose to do it), putting in an internal WiFi card is as easy as sliding in the module and clipping the antenna leads on (oh, but with N there's THREE leads that you have to get in the right places - TRICKY).  The only thing that's really any difficulty at all is the CPU installation, which is still second hat to anyone who's ever built a desktop PC before.  I don't think any whitebooks are currently shipping without any graphics solution already installed, though I suppose upgrading a discrete MXM graphics module could qualify in the "potentially troublesome" department.  But all in all, these DIY notebooks are pretty damned fool-proof.  So if potential difficulty is the only thing holding you back, I wholeheartedly urge you to go for it.



Here's hoping that Antec will make their whitebook (good term, hats off to its creator) offerings a little easier to work with than standard notebooks.

It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



I would much prefur to build my own laptop than buy it prebuilt. That way just like my desktop, there wont be any crapy parts and to much thermal paste applied! If this ever comes becomes possible with the ease to build your own laptop just like a desktop, I wonder if we will have the nearly the same selection of parts (mobo and GPU) to choose from?



I prefere to build destops, but I think laptops may be a bit complex for anyone but Will Smith.

N0t a n00b



I feel a lot more comfortable working on desktop beacuse you more room, and don't need to worry about cracking the screen.

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