Antec Eleven Hundred Enclosure Breaks Cover



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Lame video.

Case looks the about same as the Twelve Hundred. Probably too skinny, not enough room behind the motherboard back plane, and not long enough front to back. Did they make the cutout next to the SATA ports large enough? Are the drives crammed in against the motherboard? Is it still a PITA to get the fan filters out, requiring weekly disassembly of the case? Is there a way to turn ALL the fan lights off?

At least they allow rails on drives.

This isn't a review so much as a press release. I hope you guys find time to review it.



Nice case, looks a lot more modern inside than my 1200 V2.
I'd likely buy one, but the only thing keeping me from grabbing one up at launch for a new build is the problems I've ever had with Antec's cases in the past. They all seem to have difficult to remove air filters (used to have to remove 18 screws total on my 1200 to get to and remove the three filters on the 1200's face) and the issues I've had with their fans leaking oil.




You have to remove 28 knurned bolts to get the fans out for a weekly cleaning:

Four to remove the side panels.

Eight on each drive bay, and there are three drive bays.

I took half the bolts (all thoose to the front of the case) off my drive bays and put them in a plastic back for safekeeping. There's no damn reason those things need eight bolts to hold them still. Hell, two bolts, one on each side, would have done the job just fine. Antec put in extra bolts because they thought it looked rugged and manly. Think about it: The case weighs almost fifty pounds once you get your hardware in it. Is it moble and goind to get bounced around? Not likely!

Actually, I think I'll take all the ones off the back panel side of the case and leave two per drive bay on the component side. That way, I only have to remove one side panel, instead of two.

PITA, Antec. PITA!!!

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