Antec Announces Three Hundred Two Chassis for Cash Strapped Gamers



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The Three Hundred is a true budget case. It's $66 on Newegg right now, but you can find it on sale for as low as $30-$40. It's a simple yet solid case that does what any budget PC enthusiast needs it to do.



How does choosing an $80 enclosure put you into the "cash strapped" segment? It's a freaking metal box. It seems like every item on the market today is trying to position itself as an exclusive boutique product that automatically commands a premium. The whole, "It's silly to build a $3,000 system and stuff it into a $50 box" schtick is retarded. Shame on you for perpetuating it. Instead, show us why a case that costs $200 is a legitimate value versus the $80 option for "cash-strapped" builders.

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