Another Outage Rocks Comcast Subscribers



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I appreciate the fact that there so many things to cram into each issue to satisfy the salivating masses that you couldn't possibly address every question out there.  But after you touted the benefits of using OpenDNS a while back and then just briefly mentioned in a recent issue that you should change your DNS to Google's without even a mention as to why it is better than OpenDNS, I just had to call a time out!

To recap in slightly more detail: I have used OpenDNS for quite a while.  While the date escapes me, I personally switched to it after you mentioned it in your fine publication some time ago.  In fact, as a Network Admin, I even got authorization to use it at the small business I was working for.  However, when I saw the brevity of what I can only refer to as a "blurb" in your Holiday 2010 issue's (the one with Duke Nukem smoking a stogie in the corner of the cover.  WooHoo!) "How To" section, with nary a mention of OpenDNS, the inner (oh, let's be honest...  The Outer) nerd in me wanted to know more!

For the record, I have just switched to Google's DNS servers in order to see if there are any noticeable benefits over OpenDNS, who's subtle features I have appreciated for some time.  I am sure that both Google and OpenDNS both offer very fine DNS services but I beg you to please allocate a few more paragraphs in a future issue of your minimum BS mag in order to explain which is best.  Perhaps there is even a behind the scenes story that most people are not even aware of?  Certainly if Google has decided to take on the responsibility of pointing the world's web browsers in the right direction then there must be more than a little money to be made?  Please enlighten us, oh Maximum of the PC magazine's!  :)

Yours, Cybershaman



I read that it was a lease that expired, and that Comcast knew in advance it would happen.

How many hours did it take to get service back (I gave up and went to bed around 11:30).


Keith E. Whisman

Hmmm... That car is going to need a little work. You can plainly tell it has a flat tire so that is going to need to be replaced or at the very least patched. 



Probably something to do with the government trying to censor DNS entries...



I live in central Illinois and I've been having DNS issues all month whenever my router decides to forget all the settings I told it.  My neighbors must have noticed the maximumpc magazines getting delivered because they asked me to 'fix their internet' and it was DNS causing the issue on their end, too.  My parents have Mediacom and they are also having DNS problems but I can't say if the problems are related.

It's not to at least hear that Comcast has acknowledged the problem.

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