Another iPhone Prototype Found, Disassembled



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This just in...

Apple has sent Ninja warrirs to kick in Vietnam's front door and steal thier servers. Servers were running Windows Home Server, which confused and baffled the tech geniuses at Apple. Apple now moving forward with plans to sue Vietnam.

Story at 10:00.

- Phrish



The iPod is alright, everything else about Apple sucks. Only a shitty company like Apple wouldn't care about their customers. I'll build my own unique computer over buying a proprietary Apple desktop that looks like EVERY other Apple desktop. Go to hell Apple!!



More shameless plugging



It seems that your spam filter isn't working - either that, or you need to readjust it to filter out comments that most people would find offensive - even from "signature blocks".  I am an IT professional and love reading your site, but some of your user responses/comments that are allowed through are very inappropriate.  I understand free speech, and all those that would argue for/against it (I served in the military), but come on MaxPC, is it really necessary to allow such foul language as related to this post alone?  Would you allow the use of racial or gender slurs here? why allow foul language?  Keep it clean or delete the accounts of those who can't "follow the rules" of NOT offending all of your other readers.  This is a private organization (or so I think) and you have that right - do you not?  Filter who you want - it's no different than refusing service to the guy who walks into a restaurant with no shirt and no shoes and expects to sit at a 5-Star table for service...

On another note, to those talking about PC vs. Mac - there was a time I remember going to the store to buy software and it would say "FOR PC" on it, or "FOR MAC" - I think Apple set the rules, segregating themselves from the "PC" market...  This is where this stems from.  Today, most people realize that ALL "Personal Computers" use the same type of hardware (memory, processor, storage device, etc...).'s no different than saying color vs. colour - i.e. an adaptation of language; American's didn't just stop spelling color, colour overnight - it took quite some time of being away from Britian... 

/today's lesson.




You might want to take your own words to heart on the last line.  PC = Personal Computer.  I'm so tired of everyone bitching about hearing about Apple on this site.  Since when does PC only cover everything but Mac.  I never hear any complaining about linux or any other operating system.  They even do articles about personal media players, and not a word is said.  Live, learn, and shut the fuck up.



You're right... It got me reminiscing about Apple's clever and funny (but one-sided) commercials we've all seen before. Y'know, the ones that goes "Hello I'm a Mac and I'm a Windows". Yep, Windows...

Hmm, made me wonder why games labeled "PC DVD/CD"- with the thought of PC as an acronym for "Personal Computer" won't work on a damn MAC!


screw 3D! I'm just in it for the hurts(HZ)!



Epic win lol



We don't give a fuck go over to mac world.

Live, Learn, and Shut the Fuck Up. 



I kinda saw your other comments. Others have their own opinions on other things. If you don't like mac then that's fine, stop cussing sheesh. 





Did Mr. Murphy and his trusty hammer get to this one too?



When the first iphone "prototype" was "leaked", I had some doubt that it might have been a set up by apple to get more press about their products. The doubt was removed when they sent the feds after Gizmodo and the guy that found the iphone at the bar. Now with this, it re-enforces my original thoughts that Apple is purposely doing this to get more press for their iphone.

Do you think this is the case? 






I agree... with Nexus and now Incredible gaining traction, and not to mention Evo and Win7 phone around the corner, I wouldn't be suprised at all if it was all staged to generate a buzz of their own, and a sleazy one at that. Now was there really a "follow-up" story to the "Gizmodo scandal" that I've never heard or red about or does someone need to file a "false police report" against Apple!?! Rot now Apple, Rot now!!!

screw 3D! I'm just in it for the hurts(HZ)!


Mighty BOB!

Smells like press shenanigans.



 This is gonna get ugly...



YES! This post made it through the Spam Filter!

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