Anonymous Releases The Email/Password Combinations Of 90k Military Employees



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I want to know who is the moron in charge of group in Anon that released this stuff.  Yet again, people are ignorant of the real cause of the problem.  The real problem lies within the higher ups.  Not the individual soldiers.  They only follow orders.  This goes to show how stupid the people who did this are.  Sure they may be computer smart but not logically smart.  



I agree with the Soldier.  I'm active duty Navy, and I rarely access this stuff.  I go on once a year for mandatory training, then never again.  I have to reset my password each time I get on.  Not to mention all the other "mandatory sites" I need to have logins for.  I have to use different U/N and P/W for each, and change it every 90 days.  Most of them also have to be accessed using CAC cards.

So yeah, good for you getting that information.  It serves no purpose.  On the other hand, if the company is doing shady business, then I think the world should know.  There is too much fraud and waste in the government.  We have to use site, tool, or version "A" of said product.  The govenment pays the inventor or author of "A" a substantial sum.  You can only buy add ons and products that work with "A" from that vendor.

A year later, author "B" comes out with something better.  The government then throws umpteen million dollars at it, and author "A" retires on the beach.  The process then starts over on product "B".

It's an endless cycle.  We have to use new tools or new systems every 2-3 years.  So you never really have any "experts" to train anyone else.

Did I mention that author "A" or "B" usually pay government or military officials for the endorsement of the product?  It's funny how these officials usually end up with a cush job at company "A" or "B".



Does it take the 2 to 3 full minutes to actually load the main page like ours does? Honestly these hackers, IF they actually tried to use any of said passwords...would then have to answer the security questions after entering the password(opps guess those passwords don't do you any good do they? lulz indeed) and then wait another couple minutes for the damn page to which point 99.999% of them would have gotten bored and decided to go back to bitching about Crysis 2's graphics.

I swear logging onto AKO is a flashback from 1994......cuz ALL of AKO seems rigged with 14.4kbps dial up modems. 

Good job Anonymous. Passwords don't do you any good. But you DID take the bait, and made urself MORE of a target. To the DOD S6, happy hunting boys. lol.



I wonder if we can get their IP from the torrent or if they used a proxy. These guys are acting like real jackasses and really deserve to go to prison. We don't need more douchebags in this world.



I'm a active duty soldier. Am I one ounce worried about this? Nopes not one bit. *I* can't even access my AKO account except for the one time after I reset my password. I can access it once then for some reason that same password won't work.

So EVERY time I need to access AKO(which is only to print off some stupid clothing record or w/e every other week....because our clerks LOSE EVERYTHING) I have to call the AKO help desk to reset my password(because mine is ALWAYS locked out for some reason). I log on, change my password and use all the stupid letters and symbols the Army says I have to use(can only be so long too, so no super secure 24 letter long passwords), write it down, log off....try to log on again using same password.....DENIED. 


So go ahead steal my "password", torrent it w/e. You stole a key to a lock with no keyhole. GJ.



"don't the individual servicemen have enough people targeting them already?"


Brad, if people like you don't refrain from posting these articles that only brings more attention to lulsec and the like, there will be more targeting of such groups.  This is what irks me about the media.  They have the power to damage control this crap and they abuse it.  Cmon Brad,Dont do it! :)


Peanut Fox

I don't think not talking about the pink elephant in the room that keeps hitting on your wife is going to make it go away.


Brad Chacos

It's a double-edged sword, though. I kind of agree with your logic and try not to post about every breath Anon takes -- that's why you won't find me writing posts about their almost daily attacks on smaller targets. On the other hand, the release of 90k military addresses really, truly is news. Trying to block your ears and pretend like it didn't happen doesn't change the fact that it did. Self censorship is insidious and it can even more damaging than government censorship if you start giving in to its temptations :-)



Please...someone try and defend this...Total bullshit. Any hope of respect for hackers such as these is gone.



I don't agree with any of the illegal things Anonymous does, but I do support a lot of their causes. I have no desire to defend their actions (again, I don't agree with what they're doing) but I will say this isn't exactly a simple case of releasing username/password info for lolz.

Reading the torrent release they make it pretty clear as to why they are targeting Booz Allen Hamilton, and many of the shady things they think they are up to. This article fails to mention this.

Releasing the usernames/passwords is a way to draw attention to this company, the things they are doing, and how easily they can be compromised.

I have to say that I think this release was an especially bad choice. When they hacked HBGary, they uncovered all sorts of shady information which they released. It was pretty damning. Now they're releasing a mass dump of employee passwords? Most of these people are just bystanders. If you hurt bystanders, no one supports your cause. They need to smarten up.




to play devil's advocate: what if this had been russia or china doing this?



i see your point however.. the fact that theay released the info to the public makes it just as bad...



still would be bullshit. I know there's ethical hackers and they aren't being cast in this brushstroke of mine. 


EDIT: and by hope of respect, I want to clarify hope of respect from me, not from society as a whole



What a bunch of jackasses.  I absolutely can not wait until they get busted and sent to the nearest PMITA prison.

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