Anonymous No More: US And UK Crack Down On 15 Alleged Members



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perhaps the 'govt' started anon (?)

the bust is a token bust to keep people on their toes

if you don't get caught, you may be allowed to become one of 'them'

after all, they aren't 'monsters', just elites

no, i'm not applying ;>'



This is actually bullshit they didn't get actual members of anon they simply got some kids that downloaded the client because 4chan told them to and got caught because they used LOIC without actually hiding the IP they used. Besides a DDoS isn't hacking. It's the only way to protest an online organization similar to a sit-in rotest during the civil rights movement. And the defence everyone uses si that pay-pal lost revenue and customers couldn't use pay-pal well that is the point. While you may not agree with the reason for their protest that doesn't change the fact that it isn't hacking, it's simply an inconvinience.




"This is actually bullshit they didn't get actual members of anon they simply got some kids that downloaded the client because 4chan told them to and got caught because they used LOIC without actually hiding the IP they used."

If stupid (script) kids can't possibly be part of Anonymous then who in the world are in Anonymous? I’m curious as to who you think makes up the majority of their demographic. 

"Besides a DDoS isn't hacking." 

But it's still illegal and immoral.

"It's the only way to protest an online organization similar to a sit-in rotest during the civil rights movement. And the defence everyone uses si that pay-pal lost revenue and customers couldn't use pay-pal well that is the point. "


1.) Denying people the ability to use a service, online or otherwise, is illegal. It's why people who perform sit in protest are arrested and/or removed by force.

2.) DDoS attacks aren't the equivalent of a sit in protests outside a school. They are the equivalent of holding the school hostage. Sit in protests work by having a large number of people taking up the space allocated to what the normal activity would be. DDoS attacks work by having a small group of people attack as though they were a large group of people using additional tools, which are the cyber equivalent of weapons, to prevent people from being able to access the space normally used for said activity.

In one case, you need a massive number of people who are of the same thinking and have the conviction in their ideas to face that they will inevitably be arrested with force and are not afraid to use their own identity to express what they believe is right regardless of the consequences; in the other case you need a few kids and a few computers who will hide their identities and try their hardest to avoid being found and arrested. Do not insult those people by saying that their bravery is the same as the cowardice of these cretins.

"While you may not agree with the reason for their protest that doesn't change the fact that it isn't hacking,"

It also doesn't change the fact that it is still illegal.

"it's simply an inconvinience."

Know what is also inconvenient? Dying.

Seems like an extreme example of your offered euphemism until you consider that some people's livelihood depend on these websites (the starving artist getting paid through PayPal for example). Will a day without PayPal kill them, probably not, but it sure isn't helping.




I dunno, I think this is just the beginning. 

As we become more digital and computers encompass more of our lives, I think we'll start to see this non-stop from many 'groups'.

Its not like it wasn't going on before--  it has just finally hit mainstream media.


I'm not sure if its because I've seen to many movies but I believe that these kind of people will be concidered the good guys in the future.



lol I declined invites into anonymous. Now I'm glad I did. 



Anonymous is an amorphous blob, you don't get invites, you download the DDOS'er client.



To play devil's advocate, on one hand, I think security breach is always a concern. I sure wouldn't like people snooping in my bank account. But on the other hand, if someone in the bank itself is doing something shady or illegitamate or maybe straight up illegal, then it might turn an eye.

I don't mind groups like Anon/Lulz if their primary goal is to keep government/corps on their toes... making their security tigther, hindering corporate fraud, keeping important information from the public. But if the group is unguided or just plain stupid, doing things for the sake of doing things, then that's different.

White hat hackers - thumbs up. Juvenile unguided exposure - thumbs down and really, put your talents to better use. 



What if...Anons were also in FBI CIA Interpol...etc. ???



Honestly I love anonymous. I love the idea they used (not created) of spreading themselves out and seperating themselves to continue to survive and adapt.  To make reference to the hydra reference earlier.  If you don't know where all the heads are, how can you possibly go about cutting them all off at once?  I don't approve of some of the things anonymous has done, that probably goes for everyone.  But some of the stuff they have done I admire.  Anyone heard of William Lashua? Or how about Anonymous and speaking up against the church of scientology?  Or when they supported a movement against the Iranian rigged presidental elections?  Yeah they've done some stupid crap like putting porn on youtube, but who in their life hasn't done some stupid fun things?  Anonymous is an organization I respect and wish I had the skills to be apart of.   And I'm saying this loud and proud.  



Excellent news.  You knew it was only a matter of time.  This is what happens when you think you have complete anonimity and act as judge/jury/executioner for your own petty whims.

BTW - I think we should have a "+" or "like" button for member postings.  Some of these are cracking me up!



You can have complete anonymity the problem is the people they caught are't the people calling the shots they are young adults/teens that downloaded LOIC and just started DDoSing without understanding that their traffic is getting logged.



If you have found a way to be untrackable on the internet I know some people who would pay you large sums of money to share it with them.


Anonymity is an illusion, the most you can do is make it take longer/harder for them to track you down in the same way that security is just increases the amount of time and effort needed to crack it.



Good News now lets STOP talking about these Losers and talk about more hardware Please!



I hope anon keeps pushing because everytime they pop their heads up it just exposes them again. The problem for anon is that they don't control the ISPs that provide them access to their targets, so there will always be a way to trace them. The only thing that has spared them so far has been the cost of an investigation. Seems like the pay pal thing tipped the scales.

Just because they're grabbing them now doesn't mean the cops don't already have the majority of the "group" under surveillance. I was a foreman on a grand jury in a small town for 3 months and I was absolutely stunned at how long most criminals are being watched, especially for cyber crimes, before the cops go in and make an arrest. We were serving 1, 2, 3, 4 warrants that sometimes compiled years of phone, cable, ISP, and cell phone data before they nailed them. Sometimes these guys were committing new crimes while the cops were investigating the old ones and were unknowingly digging themsleves a deeper hole without knowing it. Their phones were tapped, their computers were tapped (proxy servers don't work around that), and they never knew it. Comcast, Verizon, At&t, and local ISPs were more than willing to help. 

A lot of the anonymous are already caught but the don't know it yet. Sad? No, not really.



1. "always be a way to track them" I'd like to see anyone claim that they can follow someone that's using a proxy to connect to a vpn that conencts to a vps that's running a VM with ToR installed to browse the net via a EyeOs client running on the ToR network.


2. "cops" are only involved in this to make arrests. They don't give a shit unless the suspects are causing local harm.


3. "Computers were tapped" see #1 along with the fact that anyone doing this shit isn't nearly dumb enough to be running around with a keylogger.


4. "A lot of the anonymous are already caught but the don't know it yet." Why don't they know yet? Is it because your precious law department sucks at coping with the 21st century? I mean it's not like it took detectives 4+ years of compiling mountains of evidence to catch Dahmer.



as far as #1 should look into SSL striping...and anyone with wireshark or tcpdump can capture network traffic and see that the hardware addresses are from VMs wouldnt be that hard.



Shakes head at number one. I may be wrong as it has been a while since I was in school for this but, the first thing I learned is that every packet of info that leaves your computer has an identifiable number that is embedded in the packet so that the destination can retrace and send a packet received message. It does not matter how many different protocols or vpn's or proxies you send it through, the info is there buried within. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to do anything on the net as nothing would know where to go. What matters is whether those that are trying to find you are interested and can afford to dig deep enough.



Script Kiddies getting more publicity. T_T'



Don't drop the soap, bitch.



And they aren't claiming these people are "Senior" members. This is looking legit.






I must say, I do not see this ending well.  As stated about a month ago by Anon, if you strike down one Anon, 10 more will rise in it's place just out of anger.




I agree with a large part of what Anonymous believes in, but I'd never fight under that banner, because that would just make me part of an angry mob. I don't think there is a place for angry mobs in a civilized society (when we lose the freedom of expression, count me in, but we're still a long way off from that).

I just don't think many supporters will rise in their place, simply because they don't want the same thing to happen to them. Maybe if they get an issue a lot of people support them in (like support of Wikileaks), or get lucky and uncover something important (like their HBGary hack)... but if they're going to be honest (which is essential to people supporting them, they need to be credible), they don't have any control over when these things come along.




You really don't understand what Anonymous is do you? You can never defeat Anonymous because it isn't a group. Anonymous is a name that people act under. If you say you are Anonymous, and you act in Anonymous' name, you are part of Anonymous.




"You really don't understand what Anonymous is do you? " 

I understand perfectly what Anonymous is. They are, at best a mob. They worship the idea of decentralized decision making and group wisdom as though it was their own invention. They are also so obsessed with the idea that they are right that they think themselves invincible (a common trait in mob mentalities). They are the prime example of the Proteus Effect.

And most of all, they are an avatar based on a pipe dream. There is no such thing as anonymity on the internet and Anon, themselves, has proven this time and again when they release personal information.

And that's the thing about them, they are only as threatening as a normal mob. Do you honestly think they stand a chance to be able to beat a collation of the top police agencies in the world? 


"Anonymous because it isn't a group."

Really? Because:

"Anonymous is a name that people act under. If you say you are Anonymous, and you act in Anonymous' name, you are part of Anonymous."

That's how groups are generally defined.

What you meant to say was they are decentralized, a leaderless resistance. Let me tell you something you don't seem aware of. They are not the first group to be like this. There have been many before them and there will be many after. They are not special, just another pawn on the chess board that history will eventually sweep aside like all the rest. 

They talk about being a many headed hydra, that cutting off one head will not stop them. The simple solution is to cut off all the heads. 




neither one of you idiots has any clue wtf your talking about



Wonderful argument full of facts and reasoning. I commend your effort. Bravo sir, bravo.



Claps @Toaster : Couldn't have said it better myself. As much as i like somethings that these anons have done (meaning that the thought behind it all is something that i agree with) i do not agree with their actions. Skript kiddies should stick to gaming. If your going to live in your mom's basement as you pick at your zits, the least you could do is something productive. Support PC gaming so that more and more better games come out.

Well said Toaster!




I would be willing to bet that there are more people in the FBI alone (~35-36 thousand) than there are in Anon, and even if there aren't there definitely are between all the law enforcement agenices after Anon. Not to mention that the FBI are better funded, have a wider support base, and have much more skilled hackers than Anon.

As far as an agency like the FBI is concerned, Anons rising up in anger just means they can take them down faster.




The FBI may have more people who are more skilled than Anonymous does (though this is speculative), but coding is the new literacy and in a few decades the FBI will be nothing compared to the might of the American public.



double post giveth double post taketh.

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