Anonymous Intercepts FBI and Scotland Yard Conference Call



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per infosec island - the intercept was due to a foreign participant forwarding the email to thier home account unencrypted.

apparently anon had control at that point and got the email. since the forwarded email was now :in the clear: they were able to get into the conference call from the beginning.

so not really the fbi's fault.



I tired to listen to this stupid call on youtube and it was just some idiots talking about the weather and shit. If i released this i would want to stay anon to out of embarrassment.

mega lame



Maybe they wanted Anonymous to intercept the call to mislead them and its really a trap.


Bad Kharma

The United States, the land of the free, but only if you are rich.



Yeah, I don't have much sympathy for the FBI. The US government spies on our e-mails and our phone conversations without warrants so I'm not sorry that the tables were turned.



The government is like a big, dumb, slow animal. And these script kiddies are poking it with a stick over and over. Eventually, we will all be sorry when the beast has had enough. You think SOPA is a draconian proposal? Just wait.


I Jedi

"The FBI and Scotland Yard have confirmed their call was illegally intercepted."

As if our rights aren't being thrashed around like paper dolls thanks to the Patriot Act. Idk rather to laugh at the hypocrisy, or feel sorry for them.


Bullwinkle J Moose

What's a plain text?

and what's an email ??

Are they anything like worldwide public conference calls?



Classic. Simply Classic.



At what point should the Government go from "Let's catch these 'criminals'" to "We should hire these guys?"



I think they do that after they catch them.



This is actually really funny. lol

The irony...



I'm interested by this story.

In the case of LulzSec, I'd written them off as a bunch of kids happily exercising the youthful need to rebel by noobishly spreading and using mass-attack programs to DDoS. Only slightly more organized and sophisticated, Anonymous seemed equally fueled by little more than teenage-angst and a "fight the man" attitude.

Either way, this kind of organized attack and embarrassment of the particular arm of the law tasked with their destruction indicates that children or otherwise, these groups are upping their game and whether you love them or hate them, perhaps have earned incremental respect.



They're only able to "hack" these kinds of things when their enemies' security is low (i.e. plain text, etc). Otherwise like you said, they're a bunch of kids fooling around.



Soooo... Anonymous hacks all these systems puts *OTHER PEOPLE'S* personal data up on the net but then when it comes to their own names and information then they decide it might be time to have a bit of respect for privacy and bleep out the names?

Can they possibly be more hypocritical?????



...Why would they give out their own personal information -.-?

Logic please.



uhhh I dunno... pick one?

1) They enforce censorship when it suits their own interests?
2) They treat their private information differently then they would mine or yours?
3) They've never *needed* to post people's private information yet they calously cause people grief anyways and do so?

I always thought their message was to get to the companies and the governments - not to stick it everyone including avg joe who just wanted to play a video game on the PSN?

Showing censorship in this manner is a massive middle finger to everyone out there. This is a classic example of (and I would bet money on this) - that these people were subjected to bullying (or still are as we know some of these people are like 13 - the kid that hacked the MMA site) and now they are bullying other people that are powerless to stop them.

Abuse is cyclical.



LOL. Fucking serves them right.

If our law enforcement was more interested in actual crime instead of lining the pockets of politicians and their backers, this world wouldn't be in such a crappy state.

I hope the FBI and Scotland Yard both drink down a tall, bitter glass of fuck you.




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