Anonymous Drops the Hammer on BMI



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Good for Anonymous! I've taken an exec from BMI sailing who makes an incredible amount of money for billing and distributing royalties for every song played - every time that they are played. I believe she said that there are also two other companies in America that also receive logs of played songs so that they can collect from those sources. I'll ask her. You can see why companies want to brainwash or beat copywrite do-goodness into everyone's heads. Forever... Even patents only last for ten years. Cheers for Anon. Go get em boys!


Zachary K.


lol, BMI? Body Mass Index? that tells you how fat you are, and they named their company after it? would go better with a digital scale company, but whatever.

anyway, I disapprove of anons tactics. they are online thugs who judge the internet by their own morals and beliefs. They are taking away free speech from who ever they don't like. I hope one day we develop the tech and tactics to bring these punks to justice.





Ha, well, this industry has done so much harm to itself that anything Anonymous does would barely register.

I think it's interesting how DDoS attacks have become the new sit-in. Hey, how else can you protest companies that are such a part of society that you can't help but support them?

I still think they're too much like an angry mob, but they are a result of how things are.



No.  It will take more than just knocking some group off the internet who I've never heard of before.

And if Anonymous figured that out, I'm sure the copyright management companies would let everything burn to the ground before they gave up a single penny.



never heard of BMI?  Hmm...




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