Is Anonymous Crumbling from Within? Ex-Anon Hacker Speaks Out



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Always knew Stewie was in the Anonymous gang.



Aren't most of the LuluSec and Anonymous people who have been busted already from the UK?

What the hell is going on there?  We have all of this Anonymous nonsense which is nothing more than a bunch of script kiddies raising hell because they think it's cute, then there were the riots where kids tried to burn London to the ground.

Are their Momma's not paying enough attention to them or what?



It's because the UK is a terrible place where love and laughter go to die (after first getting a divorce and sleeping with pain and misery).


I suggest changing the name of the UK to USESN, or the United States of England and Surrounding Nation-states.



LOL...that bad, eh?


I Jedi

I think he was being a bit naive when he decided to give out at least his first name and what country he lived in. I'd be willing to bet local law enforcement, in his area, can go on the information he provided to find him. The pool of potential candidates might be a bit big, but I bet they've got some tricks up their sleeves. He should never have partially revealed his identity.



But if he's a government shill then it doesn't matter. (That last line about "quit while you can" sounds a lot like government propaganda to me)



But the government won't be making any friends by attacking those that have put down their sword. I will say I am proud of *SparkyBlaze* for leaving this group that has lost any moral heading.

I think that Anon did a good job from the beggining. However, once they became know a bit more, some untalented hacks joined in a bid for a chance to cause caos (sometimes at the expence of the sheep they were protecting). From there, they went downhill and lost any support the public had for them.



Yeah, exactly. I've never been part of Anonymous (or really agreed with their message) but before the last few months, I could say I definitely was happy about some of the stuff they did. Not any longer. This guy's story can't be too uncommon within the group.

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