Angry Intel Threatens to Pull Cross-Licensing Patent Agreement from AMD



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intel's got its panties in a wad again . man this fight between intel and nvidia i guess wasnt getting intel enough press so the go and pull a play from the "JERRY SPRINGER" play book and try to make everione fight . intel is such a glory hound didnt the last time intel was pissie like this that AMD pulled the althon 64 out to throughly spank the P 4'S butt . hopefully history repeats itself . why does intel have to alwasy be the center of atention like a winey little kid ?? whaaaah   people arent looking at me whaaaah . i guess next its time to pick a fight with the different operating systems  cause intel dosent get it way!!!!            INTEL NEEDS A TIME OUT AND STAND IN THE CORNER TILL IT LEARNS TO PLAY NICE WITH OTHERS!!!  



The "OMG ARABS!" comments on CNET are absolutely hillarious. Also for every worry about em' Arabs, there are claims that AMD sowed the seeds for their own destruction and thus deserve to die, followed by calling AMD's products "second rate"

I'll partially agree with the "soe the seeds" nonsense. AMD may have been in better (financial) shape without ATI, but who knows where ATI would be right now. If I recall ATI was deeply in debt before the purchase.

As for the government owned nonsence, the UAEA has a fairly vast investment portfolio. It is nothing like the "goverment deprivatization" you see in socialist nations or those goverment grants/loans with many strings attached.

You can have your recession. I'm not participating.


ghot running scared and dreads another backseat to AMD in the not too distant future.  While AMD seems to be finding resolutions for its recession woes, Intel seems to be too ...proud? do the same, and instead is trying to "take its ball and go home".   I guess though if people continue to poor money into a company that morally doesn't deserve it, we'll all be suffering not too far down the road  :/  If Intel sues and wins, the days of the budget to mediocre priced PC's will be OVER!

Congressinal hearing is RIGHT !



Take efficiency, and edit out all the intelligence and what you have left is a post-XP Microsoft operating system :)



so basicly Intel is pising off cpu makes and GPU makers....


The loney boat sure is comming in to shore



I was browsing electronic magazines at my college library some months ago. I wish I could come up with the name and issue month. There was an article about intel moving to a proprietary socket for one of their chips for the sole purpose of shoving competitors out of the market. Sound familiar? And in the same article there was an ad by AMD (note that this is before they got into the x86 market) showing a chip combining many logic and control elements used by hobbyist, claiming significant cost savings. Also sound familiar?

One company tries to give more bang for the buck, while another company will do anything they think they can get away with to maintain and abuse control over a market. That is my "purely religious" reason for sticking with AMD.

If Intel tries to kill off AMD's ability to design and manufacture CPUs, well let's just say I can smell congressional involvement from a mile away.

You can have your recession. I'm not participating.


Lord Omega

There's Intel trying to flex its muscles again. They are such loosers sometimes that it is sad. First with nvidia, now with AMD. Oh wait, AMD can take their 64-bit away from intel O_O lol two way street

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