Android US Market Share Passes iPhone, Says NPD Group



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I'm an iPhone fan, but a Verizon convert from AT&T. I picked up a Motorola Droid and actually
like it a lot. It's far more powerful and tech geek flexible on the
Android OS with so many ways to modify and customize your phone. The
simple fact that it acts like an OS (file browsing, file & folder
editing, overclocking, UI themes, Wifi Tethering, etc.) make it worth
the cross over. The only thing I truely miss are the iPhone games. Will I
switch back of Apple if the iPhone goes to Verizon? With Android
clearly gaining momentum in it's early life, I doubt it.. Good luck
iPhone, I'll miss you... a little.



One thing that Apple is going to do well on - battery life.  You can see it as a persistent theme across the board and the iPhone 4G will be no different: Apple is not stressing the fastest CPU in the world, but they are clearly focused on maximizing user experience by having devices that run on batteries longer than their competitors.  You can see it on the iPad (eg: it's basically an iPhone with a bigger display and a lot of battery) and also in the battery life of the new Macbook lineup.  The games for the iPhone 4G that Gizmodo got a hold of.

My Nexus One and my old Palm Pre had pathetic battery lives, whereas my iPhone 3G seemed to be able to last longer in comparison.

Anyhow, because Apple has proven time and time again that they are the biggest jerks in the computer industry, I bought a shirt my cousin showed me:  Now to wear it in front of the Apple store in my mall to see what kind of looks I get.



 I find that the OS/mod you're running on the Android phone makes a big difference. On my newly rooted HTC Magic+ running CyanogenMod 5.0.7 (Test 3), the battery is lasting longer than it did on the stock rom (Rogers crippled crap).


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



Android is a very powerful and respectful OS. I'm a proud owner of a HTC Hero on Sprint, and although the CPU is a letdown, I still prefer this OS to iPhone OS anyday. I just love how integrated all the apps are into the OS, instead of the jumping around from App to App, like iPhone users.

I do believe that Android is going to eventually be the main OS for all phones, somewhere in the 60% range of market share. As each phone comes out, they are becoming more and more specialized, and fitting into their niche.

Many people complain about the poor hardware on some of the Android devices, but I believe that to be a thing of the past. The phones are getting faster but the apps are using just as much resources so the average Android user worries about the speed less and less nowadays. 



I thought the headline was wrong considering how many iPhone douchebags are out there constantly reminding everyone that they have an iPhone...But yeah, Android users probably don't have their self-worth riding on their phone.  So that's the reason for my thinking that the iPhone had greater market share...



... the fact that Verizon doesn't have the iPhone gives Android an easier time of it.  I have an Android phone (Eris) and I'm wishing I hadn't gotten it (got it back in January) -- still waiting for Android 2, the CPU is _WAY_ underpowered in that phone -- once you get Facebook integration and a few extra apps, mail/Exchange, etc ... it has become rather slow for me.  My wife, on the other hand, has the Droid and she loves it .. and she has had it about 4 months longer - and it is still snappy and fast ... with Android 2.1 and some of the extra apps.

And I see that within 6 months of release, the Eris has been torpedoed in favor of the Incredible.  Rather disappointing to think I'm stuck with the Eris for another 16 months.

I'd be curious if they surveyed Verizon Android users to see if they are satisfied with their Android-based phone, or if they yearned to have an iPhone and just settled on an Android phone ... because on Verizon, as far as Smartphones is concerned, there really isn't another choice.

I like some of the direction of Android - not sure how the whole Android 1.6 to 2.0/2.1/2.2 upgrade is going to go when it becomes available.  It will be interesting to see how my apps (made for 1.6) are going to deal with it.  I'm thinking not well. I also like the Sense UI ... but the SLOW CPU is just a complete letdown.

My $0.02 ...



  How could Apple possibly keep up? one product line with one carrier versus multiple manufacturers and multiple carriers. Its the PC vs. the Mac all over again...



That's exactly what I have been thinking.  Apple has to see this coming again right? I mean I was 5 when this first happend to them and I can see it. Exclusivity is such a short sighted strategy when it comes to IT.



The one big difference between these 2 OS's is its openness; Apple is not, Android is. Android has already proven that it can put up a good fight as well as release some kick-ass devices, so the only way Apple will come out on top is if they change their attitudes on developer liberties. I've been rooting for Android from the announcement of the G1 and I have no doubt that in the next year or two Android will come out on top of the mobile device mountain.

As far as questions about the survey results, I believe it. I live in NYC and I see thousands of people every day (and of course I check out their phones cause I'm a dork like that), and yes, BB is the most spotted handset, but in the last 2 months or so, I have seen more and more Android devices in peoples hands than iPhones.



"the only way Apple will come out on top is if they change their attitudes on developer liberties"

 Well I'm right there with you on the openness, but I wouldn't say this is the only way.  Supposedly Apple is going to be coming out with a CDMA model iPhone that will work on Verizon and what? Vodaphone in Europe?   So there's definitely some room for growth there.  People are holding out.

As for me, I think Apple is quickly growing into one of the 'douchiest' companies around.  Even though I know Google will one day take over the world, I support them because of their amazing free and open technologies.  I can't imagine Google would ever go after journalists like Apple v Gizmodo.  So obviously brand loyalty makes a difference with me, and Apple is making Microsoft look good in comparison.  I'm happy for Android... and I want one.



Droid does :)



Now, I'm not going to get too deep here, but I've used both of them.  I don't think Android will stay on top for good.  What I do think is that it will be a nice power struggle between the two.  I really like the Android OS.  Of course there's always room for improvement, but overall I must say it's pretty slick.  But, so is the iPhone.  The iPhone is a very well built OS.  Apple also has a lot of loyal users.  So, it won't just be a cut and dry deal.  Look at Android and iPhone as the nVidia and ATI of the phone realm.  Just my opinion.



I like the nVidia and ATI comparison's so true. Both are respectable fighters...



It seemed to fit :-)



Personally, I will NEVER go back to the iPhone.  I must admit, I am kind of rooting for Android.  It's a good OS and it deserves recognition.  I just wish the gaming was better.  I'm sure that will be taken care of in the future.




That's all I got to say about that.

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