Android Updates to Slow to One Per Year



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pretty sure you can still get small phones that have limited or no "smart" features.


for the rest of us, I could easily live with a bigger phone, for more screen real-estate.  but this trend away from qwerty keyboards is teh suck.  give me slider or give me death. - sci-fi and other cool stuff---



They could go to major and minor updates. A Major update every year then minor ones one or twice a year for bugs or security.  Every week like Microsoft is a bit much.  Restarting my computer every week is getting a bit old.  


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Keith E. Whisman

well goto once a year after you get every possible feature enabled like true multi touch. Fully integrated web standards like Adobe Flash and not just the limited beta version that's out now.

I hope they aren't planing on once a year for tablets because Android is going to need to be tweaked for the tablets to be awesome and that takes time and probably numerous updates.

I don't want to have to wait a year for a fix for a broken feature. 



 This should also make it easier on those that produce custom roms (like Cyanogen). It seems like CM 5.0.7 stable final was just released and Android OS 2.2 was announced.

This will be good for both handset makers, as well as the custom rom world.



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