Android Tablets Will Overtake iPad by 2015, IDC Says



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I don't think you needed a report to state the obvious. You have 1 maker for Apple and like 8 for Android. For Apple to hold on that high of a market share (against more competitors and cheap) is incredible regardless of what you think of them.



C'mon I think windows 8 tablets are going to be a hit. Might not be good for desktop users but tablets are going to be awesome




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I love how these "predictions" are always about a year behind the times. I really hope no one is paying for them. And maybe it's in the full report, but how about numbers on Windows tablets, or something from RIM? If you're really a company that purports to be on the cutting edge of the market, you'd have some interesting predictions, instead of this humdrum crap.



Raswan you make a great point as I noticed also that WOA is completely left out of this equation. I guess they either:
1. thought no-one would notice
2. Feel MS is in a class by itself.
3. felt Win8 is not a market factor!
4. Didn't want to stick their neck out with a WOA prediction.

Either way, I know MaxPC is just reporting but who is paying for this halfsighted market analysis anyway? I know what would happen if a major player was left out of an analysis in the company I work for.



Certainly in the case of the Apple Store, Apple likes for people to form a line outside in order to generate buzz -- even if just placing an order for a product. It's kind of ridiculous the way Apple treats their customers if you ask me. The whole air of elitism and arrogance really turns me off to Apple. Even their presentations lack any sort of technical details as if to say "you're too stupid to understand these details, so just take it from us that our product is the best." Apple fanboys eat it up and often spout Apple's claims verbatim without any sort of critical thought.

So, given that, it's no surprise people are seeking alternative products. With Windows 8 on the horizon, things may get even worse for the iPad's market share. Time will tell.



Wow. If you could harness that hate, you could power a small city.



Apple announces when a product will become available, and people choose to line up outside the Apple store. Seriously where do you expect them to line-up, outside of the Jamba Juice kiosk? Also let's factor in the number of people that are only standing in line to score to sell on ebay. That's not to say that standing in line isn't silly, but then again some people actually go camping....

As far as technical details; people don't care how it works, but the fact that it works! Seriously just for shitz and giggles go to Best Buy, stand back and listen as one of their geek squad experts try to somebody a new PC, or HDTV, etc. It's almost laughable as they spout techjargon that clearly the customer knows nothing about, and even worst when you just feel you need to interject to help the poor guy out.

According to some sale people I've dealt with:
The AMD Athlon 2800+ (Skt A) was not good enough for gaming.



I think the whole point is that they line up in the first place. It doesn't matter where or why.

I've been camping. Never had to stand in line like a kindergartener for hours to do it. Wiki "Lemmings".



Sorry for duplicate post. Damn ad occurring mid-post...



Yeah, it's rather annoying. It's been happening a lot the last few weeks.

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