Android Tablet Shipments to Top iPad in 2013



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No surprise here since there are so many manufacturers of Android tablets. I purchased my first tablet (ASUS TF-300, 32 Gig - Android 4.2) about six weeks ago to use for email, web surfing, calendar and to replace my Kindle keyboard as an ereader while traveling on the job . I still use my desktop for real work but the tablet has taken over a most of the functions previously done on my laptop. It's a lot lighter and the battery life is much longer.

But what persuaded me to choose this tablet over an iPad was price and performance. I paid less than $300.00 for it and it runs circles around my niece's iPad.



Since I don't own a Tablet, and don't plan to in the next 6 months to a year, this is no big deal to me. BUT, the one thing I do see here is the fact we, as consumers, have far more options today than when the first iPad's came out. Back then, there really was only the iPad as a Tablet option. Now, we have dozens to choose from along with the iPad.

As to which is better, that strictly depends on the user. If you only buy one to be a "part of the crowd", then you are buying a tablet for the wrong reason. But, if you are buying one to have a mobile platform for web surfing, email, movies, etc. and don't want or need a laptop, then a tablet, any tablet, will do those, for the most part. After that, it's just a matter of deciding on what your budget is, and what features you need/don't need.



Finally, more and more people are turning their back to the dark side



Not surprising taking into account all the brands out there are utilize the Android OS. It's like saying GM overtakes Pagani in sales.



What I find funny is the fact that even though this is true when someone wants to make the IPad look better they simply compare its sales to one of the different types of Android Tablets out there. "The Ipad has sold more than the Nexus 7, or the Aspire A210, or the Asus Transformer....." but they never will admit that it loses compared to android as a whole. Nice article though, glad to see others understand its OS vs OS not Product vs Product.



Each side of the argument will pick specific facts or measurements to bolster their standing. That's why these kind of arguments go on and on forever with no clear winner/insight/decision.

In the end, each person should do what they want, not what they think the greater collective thinks they should do. We should be buying these devices for a purpose, not to take part in a popularity contest.

I wouldn't say Android won. The market is a mess with so many different hardware platforms and versions and customizations. Buying an Android device is like buying a used car, and buying an iOS device is like buying a brand new car. There is no single choice that works best for everyone, so the best choice is lots of options. For some, the cost of an iOS device is a no-go, just as for others the fragmentation of the Android camp is a no-go.

Trying to declare a winner is pointless and would only end up shutting down options for half the population.



I'm sorry, but some statements are just so illogical I can't let them go once I see them.

You said, " Buying an Android device is like buying a used car, and buying an iOS device is like buying a brand new car."

What?!!! That doesn't even make sense. If you're going to make a terrible analogy, at least have the courtesy to offer a few words of elaboration. Since I can buy a car someone only drove for 200 miles before they decided they didn't like it and that makes it a used car, used cars are (or can be) IDENTICAL to new cars in every way except for cheaper price and having been driven before. The experience of going to the dealership and haggling with a used car salesman is the same. You even get the same bumper to bumper to warranty the original owner had (assuming the warranty hasn't expired). So, are you saying the only difference between Android and iOS is that iOS is more expensive? Most here wouldn't disagree that that is "A" difference, but there is a vast array of other differences as well. I'm really not sure how that analogy even begins to hold up, or if it does what it means. Maybe it was just supposed to sound nice, but we weren't supposed to actually think about it?


Paper Jam

More like Android is a dealership with multiple options from baseline models up to deluxe options and you pick your price, vs iOS is a dealership that only offers luxury models with a limited number of upgrades, no options to upgrade yourself, and only high prices.

Not picking a fight, but my Moto has a bigger screen, NFC, and I can unlock the bootloader and flash a custom ROM if I want. The iPhone 5 doesn't match any of these and cost 150% more.

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