Android to Surpass Apple and RIM, Become Second Largest Mobile OS This Year



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Nokia is on top worldwide because they provide quality built handsets that aren't hobbled by carrier firmware and locked down features.  They compete in a market where celluar providers compete on service, not on who has the exclusive on the sexiest phone, and the tightest bandwidth caps.



Wait who didn't see this coming?

Android is a platform whore of course it's going to do well. I'm not saying it's a bad product, but I saw this coming a long time ago.



This should hurt the stratospheric EGO of Steve Jobs.



What is a smartohone?


Ryan Whitwam

It's like a smartphone, but with a typo in it. That's not some new chip. It's just a bad keypress. I hope someday you'll be able to recover from the deep emotional scars this incident has caused you.



I'm just not sure what to do, on one hand MPCs online articles aren't perfect, on the other hand they are free, informative, thought out, entertaining, and sometimes humorous (as in the case of your reply). So do I complain because most of my published work has proper English use; takes weeks if not months longer to get to the market, and is on a subject where news that's a month old is not just old news but dead news?  Nope, I'll thank you because your info is good, informative, thought out, entertaining, sometimes humorous, oh yeah and FREE, add supported content.


Jackson Allen

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