Android SMS Bug Still Bugging Users



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Never ran into this on my D2 but at hey, at least our alarms never fail...



happened once on my evo..... annoyed the crap out of me.



You sir are correct. The reason why it's hard to track down is because it's an issue with how the messaging app refreshes conversations. A message may appear at one position in the timeline but the app refreshes and it moves while you're attempting to open it and you open another by accident. If you're not paying attention you can end up opening the wrong message and responding to it before you realize it. Very few of the complaints about this indicate that it was a new message that they started and it went to the wrong person.



I have a G2 and it does it on a regular basis, I can replicate and have shown the store staff in hopes it was just my phone but the replacement does the same thing.  I think it has more to do with the touch screen on the G2's then a software issue.  Seems when you touch the screen toward the top it will shoot to the very bottom of ths screen and if you are not paying attention presto wrong person gets a text. 



me and my wife both have EVO's. I send about a couple hundred sms messages a month, but my wife sends well over a thousand. We have had our phones since august and neither of us have ever experienced these issues. I'm guessing its more common on certain phones/carriers? I would like more data on this really.



Jeez, I'd better delete either my drug dealer or head of the drug division in the local police department. Could lead to awkward circumstances either way



I am using a rooted EVO based on the Calkulin EViO 2 ROM 1.7.1

I sent a text to my wife just a couple days ago.  It ended up going to a friend of mine instead.  I thought it was kind of odd.  Good thing it wasn't a personal text... LOL



I haven't experienced these particular sms bugs, but I've experienced quite a few others that are difficult to replicate.  Alot of recieved sms messages come up double for me, this happens at least 2x a day.  If I'm using a blackberry, and someone w/ android sends me an sms, sometimes I can't open it, this happens randomly, and a hard reset doesn't fix the problem.  This problems isn't limited to my particular phone either, its happened when I send sms to friends and family with blackberries using my android, and its very difficult to duplicate.  But also extremely annoying those rare times it happens, the only way to open the sms msg is to just spam the open button alot



I have an EVO and have never had this problem. The question should be asked as to which carrier this "bug" is most prevelant on, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile? My guess it's not Sprint....but I could be wrong....



I have an EVO on Sprint and have this happen at least once a week if not more. Which isn't too bad considering I send thousands of texts a month. I've just become accustomed and deal with it.

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