Android Screen Sizes Still on the Rise – Huawei Leaks Details on a new 6.1-inch Monster Phone



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I personally am looking at the Note 2 as my next device, I have a Droid X now, and it was huge when I bought it(I'm not sure if it was the biggest, but it was one of the biggest at that time). Now imagine a device with the physical size of a galaxy note 2, but an edge to edge display. That would be the best of all, and probably push about 5.75". Anything more than 6" I think would be too much(at least that's what she said LOL).



Does Titanic have letterboxing when shown on that phone or does the screen really end so far away from the edges? Edge-to-edge screens are what we need, more screen in the same form factor. I guess we'll have to wait for Apple to lead that innovation, tragically, just as they've made edge-to-edge glass standard.

I hope they weren't using the camera on one of their new phones to shoot that video as that video sucks.



I have come to realize that anything between 4.3 and 5.5 is great to use. I am an average size male with average sized hands. I personally think that they are pushing it a bit too much with that screen size. Don't get me wrong, the specs are incredible and it would make a nice phablet, but would you really want to be seen in public with that up to your head? I think they should make it a phablet in a sense, but remove the earpiece from the device and cut that bezel down a touch. That will cut down on the cost of the device. Most people already have a blue tooth headset or even a wired headset, so I think that is where the phone functionality will come into play. they should also bring the size down to match the Note 2. I want something that I can fit comfortably into my pocket. This is not that device. Also, making each device so much bigger will actually kill Androids competitive edge over Apple.



My previous phone was 4.1", and my current one is 4.3". To be honest, I don't notice much of a difference between those two sizes. But I am/was very happy with both screens (I'd still have the 4.1" screen phone if the charger port hadn't busted in it). But I would think much larger would be unwieldy. My phone before the 4.1" was a 3.2 inch screen, and I thought it was too small, so I would place the sweet spot (at least for me) at the 4" to 4.5" range.



I have been using a 4" screen for quite some time and find it works out well as far as balancing usability and how well it fits in my pockets. At this point I'd go with 4" - 4.6" being the right size range. Anything else you may as well go for a 7" tablet.



While I find that phone too big (I prefer the size of the Nokia Lumia 920) I noticed that it seems to have a ridiculous amount of bezel, which is quite wasteful.



Yeah, that phone is a fat on the bezel side of things.



Am I the only one who remembers the 90's rush for the ever smaller cell phone, and the jokes that eventually they'd be too small to use effectively?

The drive then was all because nobody wanted to carry around a large brick of a phone since it wasn't convenient to do so.

Now we're going the opposite direction, rushing to make a "Phablet" as many have dubbed it, hybrid of Phone and Tablet. This time the need is for larger screen space as those from the 90's eyes are getting less able to read small screens and fingers have "matured" to a larger dimension than they previously were.

And again, this time I completely understand the reasoning and want for more screen space, heck I'm looking to get another larger PC monitor as I write this...

It's just amusingly ironic that all the effort of the miniaturization of cell phones is being counter-balanced by all the effort to ever enlarge the screen real-estate.



Phones in the 90's had no touchscreens so that's why they were pushing for smaller (mostly thinner) phones. The assertion that phones are getting bigger because the vision and "mature fingers" of people from the 90's have caused phone sizes to increase is absurd. The reason screens are getting larger is because of the touch screen and the ability of current phones to do more than just make phone calls and rudimentary texting, which is all the phones from the 90's could do.



Somewhere between the seven inches of playbook that I have and the 5.3 inches of galaxy note, something magical happens. The ease that comes with typing on the note disappears and is replaced by the shear volume that a tablet offers. I'm not really sure where the line is drawn between easy typing and great image quality, but these phones are really pushing it. There is a wall there, and i'm not sure where it is, but at this rate, we will hit it really soon.



Screw feet and inches.

Please use the Metric System, USA! The rest of the world uses it!



I as an American find it annoying to see any use of the metric system at all. I was raised using the standard and cannot relate to anything in metric form. Why we use liter for soda, engine size, and the like is beyond me. leagues and kilometers are meaningless to me, Convert entirely or not at all, and I vote for not at all.
And who cares what the rest of the world does, since when are Americans followers, we are leaders.



I use the metric system at work al of the time, and it really is senseless to try to stick with the standard english system. The metric system isn't perfect; some of the quantia are way off. Grams are WAY too small. They should be the size as kilograms. That being said, it is an improvement over the standard system; an improvment i have seen first hand. I have to do a bit of surveying every now and then, and this one time we were working with some Canadians on this particular project. It was their project, so all of the measurements were already metric. After some quick conversions, we caught right on. The math involved was almost retarded simple.

So far as leauges and klicks, leauges aren't metric. Companies sell products rated in metric units because they sell to more foreigners than Americans. I wouldn't exactly call dragging the rest of the world back to a milenia old system "leading"



I almost exclusively use the metric system at work as well and I would much rather be using it than the standard units of measure.



The metric system lacks convenient equivalents to feet and inches.

A meter is ~3.33 feet, aka an inconvenient yard, but the centimeter is 0.03 feet, which is too tiny for much of anything. Metric instruction covers nothing between the 2 of them in US schooling, nor have I ever encountered any such measurements in actual use.

Real world measurements are tedious in metric. Requiring accuracy to the thousandth (at least) to measure a person's height in a meaningful manner is arduous. Measuring out common volumes of liquid in litres is absurd; even the UK has foregone the litre and uses what it terms a gallon for petrol.

How the need to create equivalents to meaningful, then-existing convenient real-world measurements (eg:foot, gallon, pound) was lost on the stuffy academics who created the metric system by basing it upon cosmic constants is a continuing mystery to me. Was their ivory tower truly so insulated from the real world?

BTW: Europe created the "imperial" system of measurement, and so the USA used that. Now y'all have thrown that under the bus after centuries and switched to this "metric" system and want us to follow suit. We don't want to commit to a switch until, at the very least, we're sure that y'all won't declare it unfashionable and switch to a new system right after we switch to metric ;)



As an 'merican I agree with you, good sir.



I've got the original Note and it's pretty good. I went back to the 4 inch Galaxy S for a bit and thought; 'this is way too small'. Bigger screens mean bigger keyboards, more real estate to watch videos, browse the web and makes playing games better.

IMHO, you should pick the biggest phone you are comfortable with because it makes almost everything better. :)



I understand what you're saying about the bigger keyboard, better for movies etc. I've just come to the point where I want a phone to use a couple apps, looking something up at random, and texting. I'm more of a mind to use a 7" tablet for movies, reading, and other entertainment. That said, I have a 4.5" Infuse 4G, anything under 4" is really harder to use with the smaller keys.



Well said sir, well said.

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