Android Market More than Doubles Number of Apps Since December



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I've always been very happy with the Android applications, even if IPhone has many more. A friend of mine, who is an online Forex broker told me that the growth is mostly explained by the fact that many of these applications are free to paid. The question is: For how long Android can afford this?



I have missed this "app" hysteria.
We have 30,000 apps, or 80,000 apps, or 150,000 apps.

Is the phone any good?

I have a crap cell phone, one with a touch screen, and it goes off all by itself in my pocket, connects to things, etc. So it works when it shouldn't. The opposit happens when you actually use the phone; the numerical key-pad goes away and the screen goes dark, so if you dial your bank and have to enter numbers and pins in the phone system menu you are already lost even before you start.

How is 260,000 apps going to help me? Is it any good? But more importantly, are the phones any good? Are the microphone cheap crap, and the speaker?



I had a comment to make, but aparently the spam filter didn't agree with it. I'm surprised it let me make this one.

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