Android Gets its First Trojan



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Was bound to happen. Like it was already stated, hackers/malware creators always target things that are very popular and many people are using.

I just wish people would leave (by people I mean hackers/malware creators) good things alone.



I agree with Nadako.  Apple has become a coorporate muscle man in the last few years.

They already push the envelope by intruding into your Iphones, Itunes and Ipads and Ipods and deleting or messing about your system at will...  It would not surprise me and, infact, I'm pretty certain that a big part of viruses/trojans and other malicious software ARE created by them in an effort to undermine PCs.  Thats why they are so quick to use it as a sales pitch...



That is so mean! Why are people so mean?! 8'(



This was made by an apple employee. 



Now you know your a big player in the smartphone market.

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