Android Developers Rush Out Second Rate Siri App



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Why is Siri a big deal?

I've been speaking to my Android for almost 2 years now.  I create over 90% of my txt msgs that way.

I've never owned an iphone.  I figured they had speech rec all along.

Oh.  Its a big deal because they copied Android.




Seriuosly, it's just a chat bot, it even admits it.



IRIS is rubbish but it is fun. For a laugh I asked it who is Lady GaGa and it told me the "best popstar" seriously!



Talk about reaching :)




there is also "Speaktoit"



Hi, I'm Apple and I am sueing Android. The name 'Android' denotes... human like, or "like man". Since Man has an Adams Apple I'm suing. 



Siri is the most pointless and gimmicky feature ever to be implemented in an iDevice.  Siriously (useewutididthar? lol), everyone is going to be walking around talking to their fucking iPhones, and it's going to be really fucking annoying.  Plus, why does anyone need to do it anywyays?  Wouldn't it just be faster to go through a menu or two and then click on something?  It's just really flashy with no real practical use.  I predict that people will MAYBE use it for a day or two, then give up because it's easier to just use the touch screen.

Then there is Andy Rubin's point.  Darrell Etherington, from's Apple Blog, I think, helps sum it up well: "Rubin seems to be arguing that the job of a phone is to be transparently helpful to the process of interpersonal communication; it’s meant to facilitate talking, not become the target of that act."  (Just an extra little note: Etherington, although he does sum up Andy Rubin's viewpoint in this quote, does not support the contents of it.  He actually rather likes Siri.  I just used his quote because I thought he summed up Rubin's argument quite well.)



It's not easier to touch the screen while running, driving or if you have a disability. This has a valid application for some people. Others may just prefer to give the phone a verbal command, rather than mess with menus. I like the fact that it can be used to dictate. I would rather just say what I want to text/make note of/email, rather than type it on a small screen keyboard. To each their own. 



But if your driving, you shouldn't be worrying with your phone in the first place. And running will make you out of breathe and talking would sound funny anyway and may make it have trouble figuring out what to do lol.

I only use voice to text on my droid when i am being lazy or can't really use my hands. but like any device, you must touch to activate the voice program, so it still requires a little touch. Any other time, I'd rather type or touch.

As for driving, most cars now have a handsfree system to eliminate the phone. So that's already taken care of.



I think the future of the tech is not that you speak to your phone, but that you speak into your bluetooth headset and they'll be designed to block out background noise (I think some of them do that already). Now the REAL trick is that they design the software to not recognise what you say but that it recognizes that it is you saying it. The tech to isolate and compare voices to identify specific people has been around for a while, but it does take some serious cpu cycles. But I'm sure these people are smart enough to get one that works well enough and recognizes your certain inflections.



Try Vlingo



Oh shit...more lawsuits :P

But seriously, if I were an Android user, this would be good news IMO. (I like my iOS devices but still have mad-respect for Android as well.)



Maybe... Maybe not. But then voice recognition has been around forever. I remember programming my Pent 90 with a SoundBlaster voice recognition software to get it to run programs. You basically read off a list of commands and it recorded it and then compared your future command to that reference. Basic but it did work. You just had to say the exact same things the exact same way...



Like the previous existence of something has ever stopped Apple from proclaiming they created it and suing.



There's also Speaktoit Assistant for Android.



Tried it... It's not as intuitive as I would like... Maybe because of my accent. But to get weather, you have to say "Tell me the weather in <insert place name here>" It freaked out when I asked it "What is the weather?" or "How's the weather." I had to search around to find the specific phrases that it understands. I haven't used Siri (primarily cause I'm not a fan boy and kinda take Gordon's point of view in those things) but I hope it is more flexible on not what you ask it, but how you ask it.

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