Android on AT&T: Now with 100% more Yahoo



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Actually, and even knowing it's just a little bit more work to open a Google search, this would be a deal breaker for me.

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WHY?  Seriously...why??  I can only guess that Yahoo! paid AT&T a fat chunk of change for the benefit of being the default search provider on the phone.  I never use Yahoo!, because the results s*ck compared to Google, and Yahoo! likes to give peoples' personal information to the Chinese government.  Yah who?




 That does sound like the only logical reason as to why Google was dropped from their own platform. How soon do you think it'll be before there's a quick and easy way to switch these phones back to 100% google?Or, there's enough public outcry that AT&T switches the phones back to Google?

Luke Wilson annoys me now... I wonder when Verizon is going to fire back with something good...


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Well since Andriod is Google's OS they can just do an OS update (you know like apple does to fix things they don't like) and make Google the default search again, removing yahoo. 

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