Android App Inventor: A Dev Kit for Every Tom, Dick and Harry



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zippzom seems to be a similiar idea.


Peanut Fox

If this is any bit as good as SketchUp, then I'll be happy.



Just another breakthrough for our technology. This is actually pretty exciting.Google may be taking a hold of the Smartphone market if they keep coming out with inventions like their App Inventor. Google App Inventor more or less allows anyone to make an app how they want to without any special training or skills. They quite much just have to select the things they want their app to do and the program puts it all together. This is an excellent feature for any person who wants to customize their own apps, but not for every person. Those who have taken out payday advances just to learn how to build codes and apps are finding this a very unfair product. It risks putting many of them out of business.



I Jedi

Competition, my friend. This forces developers to keep their apps. worthy of users downloading them. In my opinion, this new application by Google will probably only see a respectable use amongst tech-savy people, and not by the general public. In other words, majority of Android users won't use this tool.

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