Android 4.0 Includes Stylus Support



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Sometimes I sound like I’m arguing, when I’m actually not. I just have a way of putting my posts stronger than intended.It’s easier to keep out of the conversation and not take the chance of being misunderstood.


marilyn monroe quotes



*champing at the bit



While I agree that the original idiomatic usage was "champing at the bit," using "chomp" is less of a grammatical faux-pas than outright errors such as "doggy-dog world" or "hone in on."

Because chomp and champ have similar meanings in most cases (both meaning to chew noisily), they are often interchangeable. While champ has a subltly different second meaning of "to bite impatiently or nervously; gnaw," you will find that many dictionaries include "champ" as one of the synonymous definitions of the word chomp. Due to these similar meanings, the usage of both has been popular for at least as long as chomp became a more heavily used word than champ for similar intent.

One could even argue that in common lexical usage, saying "chewing" or "gnawing" at the bit would be appropriate. Idioms arise from common usage (their origins often lost to time), to the point that they generally become clichéd. At this point, minor alterations to this well-understood phrase that make very little difference in its meaning are not worth ruffling one's tailfeathers over.

In short, this isn't one of those writing faux pas you should make a habit of correcting. Pick your battles. If you really wanted to criticize his journalism, you'd be better off poiting out that the use of clichés is a crutch in the first place. Their usage is quite common in journalism, but the best journalists find a voice and stand out by using them only sparingly and for the right effect.


Holly Golightly

It is great that now ICS will support touch Stylus input. As a person who likes to draw, I find it great that more and more devices will support the sytlus. Maybe I can ditch the old pen and paper and go 100% tablet on them beeyaches.

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