And the Two "Most Desired" Smartphone Platforms Are...?



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I have to say, as smart phones go, I really like mine. The phone is amazing.

The service well thats the real issue.

If you buy this phone from sprint, you are FORCED to pay for 4g service. Regardless of its availablity in your area. Its a 20 dollar a month premium add on to your bill for something you can not use.

Phone = WIN

phone company = FAIL

pondering paying the 200 dollar fee to break my contract and take it to boost mobile for 50 a month unlmited vs 120 a month limited




Well, that settles it:  iPhones are for pussies.



Haha nice D00dlavy.

It's not that I don't think apple products are well made, or that women don't know anything about electronics.  Quite simply, I've always thought all apple products were round and effeminate looking.  I'm biased towards windows and android/linux for a multitude of reasons, but I can honestly say that my sole reason for which I have never purchased an apple product is the appearance.  A man has no business being seen in public with a bubbly cornered laptop with a cute apple in the center of it.  Unless of course he carries it in his purse.



"The iPhone is the Mazada Miata of smartphones."



. . . Sebring, PT Cruiser, New Beetle, Jeep Liberty, Neon, Eclipse, Grand Am/G6, A4 Convertible, any strangely oversized small vehicle with a big bubbly ass end, almost everything chrysler ever made, . . . other such effeminate vehicle.



I have alot expieience with both iOS and Blackbery phones. I have recently purchased a Droid X which now runs Android 2.2, and it by far the best mobile OS I have ever had the pleasure to work with.



I just replaced my Palm Pre with an HTC Evo. I still prefer WebOS as I think it is a much better OS than Android or iOS, but the Palm hardware leaves a lot to be desired. I am looking at the Win Phone 7's as those are pretty enticing devices, and meet my needs for stable corporate email, which Android does not provide on a consistant basis. The native Office app, as well as Sharepoint, is a big selling feature with the new Win Phone 7 devices. I just need my phone to work without having to delete my exchange account every month or resetting my phone to factory settings to get my email to work. Even Blackberry's have big issues with regualr enterprise support, as they do just stop receiving email and you end up with mulitple desktop folders in your contacts (a huge pain to resolve)



I got a Windows Phone 7 with a full keyboard. Serves MOST of my purposes.



Android's popularity and desirability is one indication that MS has gone the wrong way in making an iPhone clone, a.k.a Windows Phone 7. Instead of upgrading its original flexible Windows Mobile platform.



I've got an iphone and while a great toy I already miss the blackberry.  The bes/blackberry combo still rules for corporate email and exchange integration.  Of course everyone at work wants a droid or iphone because they don't want to work anyway.


I Jedi

"Gender also played a role. Females lean toward wanting an iPhone (30.9 percent) over an Android device (22.8 percent), while males are all about Android (32.6 percent) first, and iPhone second (28.6 percent)."

Therefore asserting what we all already knew: The iPhone platform is a fashion statement.



As someone who believes electronics should as attractive as they are functional (seldom does this actually occur, especially here in the states). . . I do not find the iPhone fashionable.  Cute is more like it.  While I like the new design (flat face on all sides) it is still round, girly, and begs to be inserted somewhere.

But, people like me will always have Sony. That is style.




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