And So It Begins: Former Infinity Ward Bosses Sue Activision for "At Least $36 Million"



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Activision stateing their dissappointment makes them sound like they made a move they were trying to get away with hoping these two clowns would just take it lying down. 


Oh and Santos, thanks for providing your PC specs. Totally relevant here. 



 I'm pretty sure that's his signature...

Just like mine is:






Im sure your right and that doesnt make it any better.



And boy, are they trying to get paid. The duo hopes to come away from the suit with “at least $36 million” in addition to full rights to the Modern Warfare brand.
I've seen this happen before with music movies and last game I can recall is FEAR 2 which end up getting ruined. Does any one else thinks these 2 will do nothing if they keep the Modern Warfare brand?



Well unless I totally missed the boat on how activision/infinity ward exist, 36mill seems very cheap!

 My understanding was that those 2 guys were the original owners of inifity ward (the production studio), and activision (the publisher) had them on contract to make games, speficially MW2.... which was ending soon.

So unless part of the contract was activision doing a buyout and having controlling interest in infinity ward stock...... its their company correct?  By that standard, its questionable if activision could even legally fire them.  They would instead have to break off the currect buisness arrangement with infinity ward, which they obviously don't want to do since the MW brand might belong to infinity ward not activision.  So asking for 36million dollars vs an entire production studio you built (and still have a large stake in) seems crazily cheap.

 Although I guess, it makes more sense if they already sold controlling interest of their company to activision, and are just salaried employees of infinity ward, a subsidiary of activision.  I just didn't think anyone would be stupid enough to hand over wholesale control like that anymore.  I mean its not like big publishers are known for being reasonable or fair.... and if you sell totally to them you lose any leverage.  Compared to blizz which is semi-independant or the few true independants left.



 Man, if only money wasn't driving entertainment. Then we'd see some real work get done.


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As many copies of MW 1 & 2 that were sold by on all systems, I'd figure they'd add at least one more 0 to that total.




I paid 4 million for the pre order. Did I over pay?



 for a single player game? yes

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