And the Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth: Study Says FPS Players Have Faster Decision-Making Skills



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I've seen nothing but lightning fast decisions when people are deciding whether or not people are hacking. There must be some truth to this study. The same could be said of deciding if people are noobs or not, if they suck or not, if the server sucks or not....



Just because we gamers can make decisions faster doesnt mean we make them more accurately or more intelligently.


Except in my case, I was able to deduce that you are an idiot within 0.00001 seconds of reading the final line in the article, which after 0.00002 seconds I decided was not sarcasm. And that was accurate.



Or you could have, you know, read the part of the article where the researchers explicitly stated that gamers not only make faster decisions, but ones that are just as accurate before making your pointless, inflamatory statement.

Faster + equally accurate = better in my book. But who wants to think rationally about something when they can use the Internet as their own personal rage dump? Enough from me, though. You already did a fantastic job of destroying your credibility on your own.



what Vahn16 said & dittos Amen

any sort of game that requires any kind of stretegic thinking or split-second making of decisions is going to help your brain just as long as you don't become addicted lol.



this may be true, i have been playing CS:S for a while and i noticed that my concentration and reflexes has been greatly improved...

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