And the Emmy Goes to...Blu-ray?



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When ever I think about getting a Blu-ray player I remember all the money I've spent on DVDs over the years that I only watched once.



So the DRM controlled, royalty ridden product (Blu-ray) wins out over HD-DVD due to Sony throwing cash around, and this is worth an award?

We are closer to the Matrix than we think with us being the batteries and corporatioins being the machines.



I bet you would think differently about DRM if it was your product being sold on the format.



As I would sell my product for what it is worth. $3.99 thereby destroying the rental market and selling 2 to every man woman and child on the planet. ]\

Had my PS3 for 2.5 years and still only own 2 Blu rays. One came with the PS3.



I think we can take The Matrix's message a step farther, and confidently state that we ARE in "the matrix" blindly going about our lives, feeding the machines of our economy, ignorant to the fact that we are slaves to it.  This is especially manifest in large corporations, where the individual is simply a resource to be squeesed for all it's worth, until it is depleted and replaced by another.

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