Analysts and Experts Weigh-in on Activision-Infinity Ward Controversy



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Activision needs to treat certain developers like divas.  Yes, there's times in which it's unjustified and the hassle is just not worth it, but there's other times you have developers such as  Infinity Ward or Blizzard that's under the Activision-Blizzard banner that you MUST cater to.  Infinity Ward has brought over 3 billion in revenues to Activision.  Blizzard has brought 2+ billion in revenues to Activision.  Sure, in both cases, you can "remove" the heads of each respective studio/internal company, but often times, it's those folks who were either possessed the "magic" that made the company what it was, or were far more intertwined (friendship-professional wise) with those who were either the "talent" in the company & thus, lure them away from companies such as Activision.  End result?  The talent leaves & all you're left (if you're Activision) is a bunch of (now near-worthless) IP's and those who made the magic happen, gone off to greener pastures.


What does all this have to do with the IW situation?  It's simple:  Once it's all said and done, that even if there's contractual obligations in place preventing others from doing so, expect IW to be gutted as current employees will most likely leave IW an follow their former bosses to whatever new startup company they form & Activision will be sitting there going "F*CK!"



This does nothing to change my opinion that Bobby Kotick is the devil. Indeed, it just reinforces it. Strengthens my resolve to boycott Activision games as well, so fine by me.



Guess you don't want Starcraft 2, Diabio 3, or Word Of Warcraft either.


Cause you know Activision OWNS Blizzard so you know.... 

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Yeah, I actually think I can do without those.  WoW consumed my life for the better part of 4 years and Blizz made more than enough off of me and the other 11.5 million chumps that still play so I don't think I/we owe them a damn thing.  Still, my beef's not really with them, but if playing their games means giving my money over to Satan, then I'm gonna resist that urge as if my life depended on it.  Why the HELL did they have to go and make a pact with the Devil anyway?!  That still pisses me off.



...when this game was released. I don't care how good the previous title was. I'm one of those who will never pay $60 bucks for a game. Greedy bastards!



That, and Bad Company 2 seems to outdo their "latest and greatest" in just about every way regardless.



Guess they shouldn't have gotten rid of dedicated servers ^_^



No shit.  lol



Ain't karma a b*tch?  While I normally would hate to see something like this happen to a gaming company, I have to say that if you sell out, you're gonna get sold out, sooner or later.  Maybe someone (aside from the gamers who got conned into handing over $60 for a terrible game) actually learned something from all this?

One can only hope. 



Haha, to true I refused to purchase the game, my little brother got it and I played his copy (PS3), online was great for a while, but got old very quickly.


Screw COD, just go to Battle Field from now on.



 Personally, I think that BFBC2 eats up CODMW2 tenfold. Battlefield seems so much more realistic. 


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Not that BC2 isn't more "realistic," but that's not what makes it a better game... though it most certainly is a much better game, and I'd argue ten times more worthy of your gaming dollar than MW2.

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