Analysts: 9-Inch Kindle Fire This Summer



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My son just got me a Fire 7" as a surprise. I'm surprise at all that it does, I would not have purchased one myself, but I'm loving it. I've only had it a day and I've loaded all sorts of stuff and only used about $20.00 for downloads and they even have sample of books you can look at. The 7" seems large enough to me I wouldn't want to carry around anything larger. The Audio could be better but it will work. I was surprised it even had audio. This is the e-mail I sent my son last night.
Kindle Fire is pretty cool.
I have 3 games including MINECRAFT SKIN, PLANTS VS ZOMBIES, ASPHALT RACE GAME (this game is sweet, you turn the Kindle for driving and turbo is right tap and brake/draft is left tap) AND A FREE CHESS GAME.
One book Stephen Kings “Mile 81” and a bunch of Sample books (mostly about Computers I already own most of them but it would be nice to look at them on here)
Maximum PC (for some reason had to pay for it, but not bad 12.00 a year)
I need to start the e-mail and facebook apps. This is pretty wild, I didn’t know it could do all this.
This will keep me busy, when I have to go on the run somewhere.
Well enough playing for now, I have to charge it up. Haha

Another thought the 9" would be better for larger reading and movie play, but It would be a bit large to care around to like a doctor appointment or something. And I find the 7" almost hard to hold in my hands, I have small hands for even a lady.



That's cool, but you know how they can make the 9-inch Kindle REALLY awesome? Have a HARDWARE BUTTON! It's so annoying to have to keep tapping that stupid bar on the screen just to access the menu. Hell, give it a 5-way button and it would utterly destroy all its competitors.



IF they don't increase the storage and add a memory storage slot, I don't think it will bring in the "tablet" crowd any more than the 7".



Possibly interested but I would have to get one in hand and give it a run thru first.
My younger sister has the smaller version and tells us (her siblings) that she likes it.



I'm waiting for the Kindle Fire 9" version, as I think 7 is just too small for watching anything. But the main thing would be the price, how much would be appropriate for those extra 2"? I don't care about camera so hopefully they won't make it too much more expensive by adding extra stuff I don't care about. Guess time will tell.



I chose the Nook Tablet over the Kindle Fire, but they are the same size. Honestly, I think the 7 inch is just the right size. I have used Ipads before and I just felt they were too large to be convenient to carry around. 7 inches is book-like size which is perfect. So no, I won't be getting the larger version.

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