Analyst Predicts Microsoft Will Spend $400 Million Marketing Windows Phone 7



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MS is to little to late imho. They have ditched multitasking and a few other key elements so the UI will be fluid and compete with Android and Crapple. They integrated Xbox live so much that you can't even call it a business phone anymore. Also, I see it's app market doing the same as Palm...going nowhere.



Will this be one of those many projects that MS will abandon when the market share doesn't pick up?  No thanks.



I don't think Microsoft has it in them to sustain anything with the Windows Phone 7 stuff.  They have lofty ideas but absolutely nothing of substance on it (the notable exception being their marketing department).  They have no attachment to a phone that people might actually want, and even if they get lucky in that department, they will ultimately provide a ho-hum experience.

They are a workhorse company when phones are really more boutique items. 

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